No matter where you are in the world, the weekend will soon be upon you. That means it’s time for our weekly round-up of entertaining tidbits, the things you need to know, the things you should see (just because) and some places to go if you get bored and feel like shopping at J.Crew, marvelling at a Monet, or getting dressed to impress for a 1920s themed party.

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Yes, we’ve certainly been receptive to Daft Punk of late, and no doubt you too have heard their Get Lucky track many a time. Of course there are the inevitable remixes, such as the Michael Jackson version, but Goat Lucky tops them all.

Who doesn’t love a revivalist fashion trend? Each of us can now indulge in the best of the 20s, 60s and 70s without having to touch the ugly pieces which harrowed those who came before us. In short – we get to cherry pick the best of history’s fashion statements. But have you ever wondered why trend revivals don’t reach back further? Why do we recreate the looks of the 1920s but not, say, those of the Victorian Era or the early Edwardian period? Because corsets were painful, that’s why.
Plunge the depths of literature and you’ll never be bored. Plunge the depths of literary reviews on Amazon and you’ll also never be bored, but you might lose faith in humanity. Yes, the Internet has given people who don’t deserve to be heard a podium. Which is how one-dimensional, “I’ve never heard of this thing called subtext”, reviews of The Great Gatsby such as this come to be; “It grieves me deeply that we Americans should take as our classic a book that is no more than a lengthy description of the doings of fops.” Then there’s the review that opines the fact that To Kill a Mockingbird fails to make ‘segregation enjoyable.’ Of course, that’s just ignorance. As are most of the opinions on the list of one star Amazon reviews. They might make you weep for the future of humanity, they might also make you thank the stars that you are far more intelligent than the reviewers.


This weekend you should see the entire Earth from a bird’s eye perspective. Really. Easily. NASA do some pretty cool work, and this use of their Landsat satellite is no different. The satellite photographed its flight path across the Earth, and stitching the photos together gives you a rather majestic view of this magnificent planet we inhabit. From snow caps to deserts, enjoy 15 minutes of beauty:

Even if you don’t watch reality TV, the odds are that you’re a voyeur. Entire industries (and Facebook) are built upon the fact that we love to look inside other people’s lives. And their rooms. Their messy, messy rooms. Maya Fuhr and VICE got together to dispel the notion that a girl’s abode is pristine and genteel. Welcome to the really messy rooms of girls AKA how the other half live.


Beauty brand Dove have long tried to use the Internet to sell stuff convince you that you’re more beautiful than you feel. It’s a lie. You’re less beautiful than you think. Or so science argues. Research shows that we all see ourselves and our abilities through rose coloured glasses. Here’s a brief overview of the science and a primer on the adaptive nature of self-enhancement. Sorry, Dove.
What could you give up for an entire year? And what would the impact of that decision be? Kjerstin Gruys gave up looking in a mirror for a year. And it wasn’t any year – it was the year she was getting married. The result? A better sense of beauty. She’s documented her experience.
We all love new clothes and hate throwing out the old ones. But when we do, we tend to donate them to charity. What happens after that? Do they all get sold? No. Not even close. In fact, as much as 80% of clothing donated gets recycled. We buy too much fast fashion, donate too quickly, and have given rise to an industry that deals with the afterlife of your donated clothing.


Too impatient to wait for their store to open in November but still fancy getting yourself a little bit of J.Crew, Londoners? The J.Crew popup store is your solution. Open today and tomorrow (10am to 8pm today and then 10am to 7pm tomorrow), J. Crew’s Cashmere Shop (found at The Stables (4 Stable St.) at Central Saint Martins, London) features picks from the brand’s spring and autumn collections, along with a focus on their Italian cashmere creations.
Find an ice-cream shop that will make ice-cream roses.

They. Look. Amazing.

If it looks like a full on Monet and you’re in Melbourne this weekend (or any day through to 8 September), then it probably is a Monet. The National Gallery of Victoria’s Winter program is highlighted by the Monet’s Garden: The Musée Marmottan Monet exhibition, a walk through some of the artist’s nature work.
Heading to a tourist destination this weekend? Here’s a “do not do this” guide to the best of them AKA Tourist Shot User Manual. The Pisa instruction is amongst the most relevant. Pose like that, and you’ll be immortalised on the Internet looking something like this. “OMG you held up the Tower of Pisa like a billion other people. So, so unique.”
Book your tickets to Vanity Unfair’s A Diamond As Big As The Ritz party in London. It’s on 21 June at… The Ritz. You’ll find more information on their Facebook page.

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