A little variety is always welcome – the same going for your playlist as well as your wardrobe. This week we’ve been indulging in music spanning the electronic to the indie, with just a little bit of Lana Del Rey doing her best Nancy Sinatra.

Below you’ll find picks from Fashionising.com’s music playlist for the week.

Random Access Memories – Daft Punk

We’ve not only had a hankering for French electronica of late, we’ve had it in ready supply. First it was Kavinsky, then Daft Punk’s single Get Lucky, now it’s the full return of Daft Punk with their album Random Access Memories. Where Kavinsky gave us cars, Daft Punk has given us UFOs and what is rather more an experimental album than a natural body of work. What else could explain an album that includes collaborations with both Pharrel Williams and Paul Williams, the latter of The Carpenters and The Muppets (yes, the kid’s puppets) fame? But that all plays neatly into an album with ‘random’ in the title, making this one series of disjointed tracks unlikely to bore you with any speed. Stream the full thing at Grooveshark or get it on iTunes.

Modern Vampires of the City – Vampire Weekend

Looking to avoid the electronic with something a bit softer, something a bit more indie? Then don’t overlook Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires of the City. Like all things that can be labelled hipster, it’s a little bit old school, a little bit self-referencing, and somewhat adapted to the middle of the road. Track 2, Unbelievers, feels like it could have been an over-polished Buddy Holly demo, while Step and other tracks give off an acoustic New York vibe.

Trouble Will Find Me – The National

Sticking with an indie, New York vibe but leaving behind the old-school cool, The National have dropped their new album Trouble Will Find Me. Pensive, reflective, and with the production hitting every tone your ear drums are capable of indulging in, track after track is full and mellow, just like a good glass of red. That fullness is provided from the acoustics to the orchestra, and seldom are they happy. This isn’t an upbeat album, but rather one for long, reflective nights. A drop of merlot to accompany it wouldn’t go astray.

Summer Wine – Lana Del Rey

Courtesy of her place on The Great Gatsby soundtrack, it’s hard to avoid the sounds of Lana Del Rey right now. But if you want a hit of Del Rey without taking in her Young And Beautiful single, join us in listening to her reworking on Nancy Sinatra’s Summer Wine. It’s another of her pensive cover tracks, complementing her Chelsea Hotel cover if not necessarily outdoing it (I suspect that comes down to the source material).

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