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What we’re listening to: the runway edition

Some runways amaze only with the clothes; some have you tapping your foot or scribbling notes about songs you simply must get your hands on. Our round-up this week of what's playing at HQ is our runway edition: music from the shows that have continued to play in our heads and in our office.

Become a prize-winning fashion film director

You don’t necessarily need a Director’s chair and the kaleidoscopic mind of Christopher Nolan to direct a film. At least, not when you’ve got French Connection’s new ‘Make A Scene’ project to help you piece it all together. Rather than simply put together a fashion film for their spring 2013 campaign and let you sit idly by watching it, French Connection have opened it up…

Beyond Mountains, More Mountains: weekend watch

Who could imagine an epic cross-country road trip taking place to find a lost boot? But this short film, called Beyond Mountains, More Mountains, is about a young couple who do just that, their Italian road trip taking them from the mountains of Northern Italy down to the far south of the country. It’s quirky and surreal and yet wholly endearing; an unusual kind of…

5 dresses and the famous paintings they look like

Fashion is like the wind; it goes wherever it pleases, picking up leaves of inspiration along the way from, sometimes, even the most unlikely tree. Over the years, fashion and art have co-existed with each other, complemented each other and sometimes over-lapped each other; truly making fashion wearable art. So, here are some examples of this season fashions, taking a paintbrush and resembling ideas from…

Listen to the Saint Laurent runway soundtrack

The Saint Lauren spring 2013 collection did plenty to calm the branding storm created by Hedi Slimane around the fashion house’s name change. As did the show’s soundtrack do plenty to heighten its cool factor. Turns out you can listed to the soundtrack in its full 15 minutes of glory online. Featuring the late American blues musician Junior Kimbrough, it was put together by electro…

5 things to do for James Bond day

James Bond day isn’t something celebrated every year. But this year is doubly special for Bond fans globally: it’s the anniversary of 50 years of James Bond, and there’s a new film soon to be released. With Skyfall hitting cinema screens later this month, it’s time to stop and indulge in a few Bond-themed activities. Here are 5.

James Bond’s conduit cut suit: weekend watch

James Bond has arguable done as much for men’s fashion as it has for entertainment, and it’s done so over a period of decades. You need only look at Daniel Craig’s latest Tom Ford designed tuxedo to see that it’s still an influential franchise. Long before Daniel Craig, however, was Sean Connery and the Conduit Cut – created by Anthony Sinclair – which this video…

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s never before published short story: weekend read

The upcoming The Great Gatsby film hasn’t just ensured interest in 1920s fashion will continue, it’s also given license for celebration of all things F. Scott Fitzgerald. This week The New Yorker has the winning piece of content: a short story written by Fitzgerald but only now published for the first time.

Green & gold: Australia’s Olympic opening ceremony uniform

With everyone talking about Team USA’s Olympic outfit, I thought it would be a good time to present Australia’s own kit, and surprise surprise – it’s pretty good. Stepping away from the gimmickry of years past, official Olympic outfitter Sportscraft, have opted for some pretty classy staples that feel authentically traditional yet relevant. Wisely, gold takes a step back and the schoolyard classic bottle green…