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New Gatsby trailer has music from Lana Del Rey, Beyonce & more

Any venture of Baz Luhrmann’s is a full sensory affair, from audio to visuals. His work is also, generally, some exercise in taking something old and giving it cultural relevance to a new audience. I won’t write too much or too volubly about how Luhrmann’s biggest successes are the films that do this via music and costuming, or about how that all fits with a…

Gatsby film posters released

The question of whether Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby film would spur along a greater revival of 1920s fashion had, of late, become secondary to the question of whether the film would be released at all. Though slated for summer 2013 it was starting to feel like we’d never see DiCaprio’s turn as Gatsby on the big screen. Seemingly things are now on track for…

See, do, read, check out: what to do this weekend

Interview talks to Cara Delevingne (in case the sexy photoshoot wasn’t enough), research confirms that the internet has made us all narcissistic (we knew it but were just too busy taking #selfies to care), and one well-known author confesses he became more addicted to buying Gucci than most shoe-loving women. That’s all in our reading round-up, while we’ve also got some other cool blogs, articles,…

See, do, read, check out: things to keep you busy this weekend

You can never have too many internet-based distractions, whether it’s some amusing video, informative infographic, or new online store to browse. Of course, it always helps for someone to point out the good bits. As well as those things to check out, read and do online, our weekly cultural round-up also offers up some things to do in person – like check out the new…

See, do, read, check out: cultural round-up

What do you feel like doing this weekend? Heading out to a film festival, a fashion show, an exhibition displaying the inimitable style of Greta Garbo? If it’s on in your city, maybe. And if it’s not, there’s plenty to read and marvel at and take in that doesn’t require you to catch a flight. After the break: a round up of things to read,…

What we’re listening to: the runway edition

Some runways amaze only with the clothes; some have you tapping your foot or scribbling notes about songs you simply must get your hands on. Our round-up this week of what's playing at HQ is our runway edition: music from the shows that have continued to play in our heads and in our office.

Become a prize-winning fashion film director

You don’t necessarily need a Director’s chair and the kaleidoscopic mind of Christopher Nolan to direct a film. At least, not when you’ve got French Connection’s new ‘Make A Scene’ project to help you piece it all together. Rather than simply put together a fashion film for their spring 2013 campaign and let you sit idly by watching it, French Connection have opened it up…

Maison Triumph: a lingerie-lover’s dream space opens in Covent Garden

Threre’s good reason the Triumph brand has been going strong for 127 years. At the brand’s headquarters yesterday morning, wiggling in and out of their famed shapewear, I could bear testament to the fact first hand: defying the laws of spacial displacement, their Shape Sensations pull in places seemingly without bulging out in others. But as well as providing the smooth foundation for an outfit…
Maison Triumph pop-up launch
Maison Triumph pop-up launch
Maison Triumph pop-up launch
Maison Triumph pop-up launch
Maison Triumph pop-up launch
Maison Triumph pop-up launch
Maison Triumph pop-up launch
Maison Triumph pop-up launch