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Amsterdam fashion week.


Twice a year, Amsterdam International fashion week (AIFW) becomes the center of the Dutch fashion world, with a full schedule of runway shows, trade fairs, presentations and parties. For both the spring / summer and fall / winter seasons, Amsterdam fashion week brings both established and new Dutch fashion talent to the runway. Below you’ll find coverage of Amsterdam fashion week 2018 along with past coverage from 2017.

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5 must-watch young designers from the Amsterdam runways

Navy is the new black, mid-calf the new length, youth the future of fashion. And when it comes to young and fresh designers, Amsterdam is one of the main places to look at (let’s not forget Iris Van Herpen as well as Viktor & Rolf are Dutch!). This season again, Amsterdam fashion week proved to be a fantastic source of new talents: a real space…

Moments from Lichting 2012, Amsterdam

The top academy graduates of the year in one central catwalk show. That’s the simple concept behind Lichting, a springboard for young Dutch designers who possess the kind of talent that shouldn’t go unnoticed. 2012’s up and comers didn’t disappoint in the least – in fact, they positively wowed. Photographer Peter Stigter caught these runway moments from the show. For photo coverage of all the…

Individuals and the collective

Student showings at any fashion week are always amongst the most forwards, and Individuals, a collection by students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, is no different. Each Amsterdam fashion week a changing collective of students works to express their view on the coming season, in this case fall 2011, and fashion at large by adding a “unique chapter to the continuing fashion story” that is…

Bravoure: bete de scene

This week was something of a double debut for designers Patricia Hofstede and Kim Jansen: they held their first public showing of the label Bravoure’s autumn 2011 collection, which itself was the design duo’s Amsterdam fashion week debut. Citing tribal African culture as a muse, its inspiration in their latest collection was obvious without being overt. Titling the collection bete de scene, a French term…

A coming international infusion

We’re always looking to bring fashionisers everywhere a taste of fashion that the old-media generally overlooks. As such, we recently dispatched’s Dutch correspondant, Linett Kamps, to cover 2011’s Amsterdam international fashion week. For those looking to see where the mindset of Holland’s established and emerging fashion talent currently is, by way of what they have in store for the coming autumn / fall 2011…