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Laskaris Spring / Summer 2014

The spring / summer 2014 collection of Greek designer Laskaris was like a fairytale in literal terms! In the collection we saw queens, mermaids and the sea to be a key inspiration for the designer. The fabrics were thin and translucent and the dominant colors were gray, white, turquoise, blue and green.

Panos Emporio Spring / Summer 2014

Athens Fashion Xclusive Designers Week started very strongly with a show by renowned designer Panos Emporio and his amazing swimwear. The colors in his spring / summer 2014 swimsuits were strong, with florals dominating for men and women. We saw bikinis and one pieces of bold colors like purple in swimsuits and tunics. Stripes and polka dots are patterns we associate with during summer, so…

Blue on the bottom: at Pitti

If there’s a colour any man should be willing to add to their wardrobe, it’s a vibrant cobalt blue. And if anyone ever told you not to wear blue with black – especially black shoes – think again. As this gent shows, blue pants and black shoes can get along just fine.

Celebrity Skin fall 2013: Pure Evil

Celebrity Skin presented a show titled ‘Pure Evil’ at Athens Xclusive Designer Week (AXDW). The designer duo showed us an impressive collection comprising many celebrities as usual. The collection was sexy and mysterious, with the faces of the models covered by accessories like caps and masks with colorful embellishments. Black is the favourite color of Celebrity Skin but this season they showed us gray, denim,…

Rita Pateroni fall 2013

Rita Pateroni and her daughter Liana showed a collection that had the name of the Greek letter ‘Φ’. The designers wanted to connect mathematics, physics, art, sensitivity and elegance, and show how they get inspiration from every aspect of nature. The Athens fashion week (AXDW) show begun with minimal clothing. To the sound of classical music, we saw beautiful black and white dresses very simply…

Victoria S. by F. Erotokritos Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Designer Victoria Sarri with Erotokritos showed a collection at Athens fashion week (AXDW) titled “La femme d’affaires”. Velvet, leather, wool, lace, embroidered surfaces were weapons of Victoria from the treasury of fashion Erotokritos. The way they used the skin as detail was unique and we liked the way shirts combined transparency with fabric. The applause was big at the end of the show when a…

Pamela Sietos Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Designer Pamela Sietos presented a range of practical and wearable clothes at Athens fashion week (AXDW), with her collection named ‘Dark Romance’. Jackets were worn as blouses and pants were either baggy or narrow like leggings, all made from heavier fabrics. Dominant colors were black, burgundy and green.

Maria Tagalou Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Maria Tagalou won the Mercedes Benz Fashion Award Greece and with it the ticket for any show at the Fashion Week in Berlin. Under the sounds of oriental music we saw quirky but perfectly combined sets sail down the Athens fashion week (AXDW) runway. The clear plastic used over tulle skirts made for a unique effect, while we saw details in leather and patent leather.…

Manus Gabril Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Manus Gabril presented a collection at Athens fashion week (AXDW) called ‘The City of Light’. To the sounds of electronic music, we saw graphic black & white creations, leather jackets and fur. A particular stand out was the white blazer with bold toned shoulders and the white striped ensemble.

Loukia Kyriakou Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

The creations of LKC by Loukia Kyriacou were unique and definitely deserving of the Best Catwalk Award bestowed upon the brand at Athens fashion week (AXDW). We saw dresses with neon and sporty details. What impressed us were the slits in the back of the gowns that created the illusion of nudity, while on the backs also were different prints resembling tattoos.

Ins2omniac Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Spiros Stefanoudakis and his brand InSomniac won the Best New Designer Award at Athens fashion week (AXDW). The show started with a beautiful video where the designer himself danced a tango with a girl. The name of the collection was ‘Le Piaf Noir’ and it took us away to Paris. Under the sounds of many renowned French stars, InSomniac showed us what it means to…

Aida Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

The brand AiDA presented a collection at Athens fashion week (AXDW) that combined many different fabrics and folds on each garment. We saw leather combined with asymmetric cuts creating a more wild mood. The volume was in most clothes from the waist up and the transparent elements were some of the most striking of the show.

180 degrees Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Transformation was the key theme at 180 Degrees’ Athens fashion week (AXDW) show. To the sounds of R’n’B music, models took to the catwalk and transformed their clothes in an amazing way. The transformation of a bag which became a dress was very impressive while we also saw skirts converted into capes and vests transformed into skirts. The designer won the Best Trendsetter Award by…

Stylianos Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Stylianos was last year’s winner of Best New Designer Award. At this year’s Athens fashion week (AXDW) he presented a gorgeous collection titled ‘Alice in Me’ consisting solely of bridal dresses and airy evening couture creations. The title of the collection was referred to his mother who formed him as a person and the collection was devoted to mother as a symbol. The basic colors…

Angelos Frentzos fall 2013

Designer Angelos Frentzos presented a unique show with guests sitting upright near the catwalk and smoke coming out constantly. The show began with a singer on stage singing electronic-pop music. Shortly after, models took to the Athens fashion week (AXDW) catwalk with very impressive clothes with an emphasis on dye techniques. Men wore shorts or salvari combined with leggings from within. The look was then…

Ratt by Rita Attala Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

The show began with a video showing men and women mixed together with the main purpose of seducing and challenging one another. Designer Rita Attalla and her brand Ratt presented a collection with an emphasis on layers. Under the sounds of electronic-disco music, models walked the Athens fashion week (AXDW) catwalk showing us elegant dresses worn with leggings. The lines were more oversized to the…