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Manus Gabril Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Manus Gabril presented a collection at Athens fashion week (AXDW) called ‘The City of Light’. To the sounds of electronic music, we saw graphic black & white creations, leather jackets and fur. A particular stand out was the white blazer with bold toned shoulders and the white striped ensemble.

Loukia Kyriakou Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

The creations of LKC by Loukia Kyriacou were unique and definitely deserving of the Best Catwalk Award bestowed upon the brand at Athens fashion week (AXDW). We saw dresses with neon and sporty details. What impressed us were the slits in the back of the gowns that created the illusion of nudity, while on the backs also were different prints resembling tattoos.

Ins2omniac Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Spiros Stefanoudakis and his brand InSomniac won the Best New Designer Award at Athens fashion week (AXDW). The show started with a beautiful video where the designer himself danced a tango with a girl. The name of the collection was ‘Le Piaf Noir’ and it took us away to Paris. Under the sounds of many renowned French stars, InSomniac showed us what it means to…

Aida Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

The brand AiDA presented a collection at Athens fashion week (AXDW) that combined many different fabrics and folds on each garment. We saw leather combined with asymmetric cuts creating a more wild mood. The volume was in most clothes from the waist up and the transparent elements were some of the most striking of the show.

180 degrees Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Transformation was the key theme at 180 Degrees’ Athens fashion week (AXDW) show. To the sounds of R’n’B music, models took to the catwalk and transformed their clothes in an amazing way. The transformation of a bag which became a dress was very impressive while we also saw skirts converted into capes and vests transformed into skirts. The designer won the Best Trendsetter Award by…

Stylianos Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Stylianos was last year’s winner of Best New Designer Award. At this year’s Athens fashion week (AXDW) he presented a gorgeous collection titled ‘Alice in Me’ consisting solely of bridal dresses and airy evening couture creations. The title of the collection was referred to his mother who formed him as a person and the collection was devoted to mother as a symbol. The basic colors…

Angelos Frentzos fall 2013

Designer Angelos Frentzos presented a unique show with guests sitting upright near the catwalk and smoke coming out constantly. The show began with a singer on stage singing electronic-pop music. Shortly after, models took to the Athens fashion week (AXDW) catwalk with very impressive clothes with an emphasis on dye techniques. Men wore shorts or salvari combined with leggings from within. The look was then…

Ratt by Rita Attala Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

The show began with a video showing men and women mixed together with the main purpose of seducing and challenging one another. Designer Rita Attalla and her brand Ratt presented a collection with an emphasis on layers. Under the sounds of electronic-disco music, models walked the Athens fashion week (AXDW) catwalk showing us elegant dresses worn with leggings. The lines were more oversized to the…

Miltos Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Models in Miltos’ show were walking down the catwalk and then sitting in a boudoir. The whole show had a lot of fashion influence of the 1950’s, both in outfits and styling. Under the sounds of swing music, models walked with sexy dresses in charleston style. Silks, subtle details, florals, and pale shades were just some of the trends we saw during Miltos’ Athens fashion…

Andreea Tincu & Sense Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

Romanian designer Andreea Tincu presented a collection at Athens fashion week (AXDW) that took us back to our childhood years. The styling was playful while the music was composed entirely with girlish pieces. The lines of clothing were full of chromatic combinations, geometry, minimalism and pure lines. The dominant colors were black, electric blue, mustard, white, green and red. Some dresses reminded us of color…

Notis Panayiotou Fall 2013: irresistible divas

Notis Panayiotou started his Athens fashion week (AXDW) show like a protest. The Cypriot designer presented a video with all the protests of Cyprus, while a model in a traditional outfit came out on the catwalk, knelt and cut her hair.  Shortly and under the guidance of Adele’s Skyfall, the show begun. We saw lace in different shades and different color combinations. Queen Elizabeth was…

Marks & Spencer on the runway in Athens

When the lights went out and we heard the first rock ‘n’ roll song, immediately we understood the concept of this Athens fashion week (AXDW) show. The summer collection for Marks & Spencer was extremely playful. The famous British retailer presented wearable everyday clothes, beach clothes and comfortable totals for our carefree summer days. Prints, florals, military and animal prints even if they are not…

Aslanis spring / summer 2013: 40 years of creations

Aslanis is probably the best known designer in Greece and last night he celebrated 40 years with a unique Athens fashion week (AXDW) show. If there was a definition for a resort collection then it would have the name of Aslanis. The collection was as if it had been one woman of the West on holidays in Brazil. The influence from the East was strong…

Patricia Field fall 2013: New York style in Athens

Only Patricia Field’s show could start with a rapper cursing and emphasizing the importance of individuality and the importance of us not to care what others say about us. Immediately after his statements, music started to play with a mix of rap and Greek music and models took to the Athens fashion week (AXFW) catwalk. The New York style in all its glory was seen…

Athens full runway show schedule

The Mercedes Benz Athens Xclusive Designers Week (AXDW) is coming up in a few hours and AXDW has released the schedule of the different shows that feature established brands, new and international designers. The autumn / winter 2013-2014 collections will be shown from March 29, 2013 to April 1, 2013 at Ethniki Conference Center in Athens and you can read on after the break for…