Copenhagen, the underdog of fashion weeks, is largely overlooked when it comes to the international world of fashion. Copenhagen features some of the most wearable couture pieces that exist in the industry, making it easier for you to bring some designer into your everyday wardrobe.

Here is a list of 10 top looks, in no particular order, from Copenhagen fashion week. Take a look, get inspired for spring 2013, and most of all: enjoy.

top looks from copenhagen fashion week

Max Tan
This look contains what could be considered the modern pinnacle of sophistication: the peplum. The heavy zig-zag stitched top fabric contrasts with the shimmery fabric on the skirt creating an architecture that can only be described as fabulous. There is also something edgy about the way in which the dress has been sewn together with the rectangular strips resembling Piet Mondrian’s square painting, only this time using a deep sky blue and a circular neckline to create wearable art. Something such as this can be easily worn anywhere and still maintain its air of runway chic.
Designskolen Kolding
The sketchy design on the front of this dress combines the use of both fashion and art to create an effortless look to be worn on a casual day out in the summer sun. The corduroy cardigan adds texture to the outfit as well as a pop of warm neutral colour which softens the edginess of the design making the dress truly versatile as a day or night look. Corduroy is an underused fabric these days despite the fact that 80’s vintage is making a comeback. The way in which this humble fabric has been used in a modern context – a cardigan – goes to show how fashion inspiration can come from anywhere and can be used to make something that is both chic and boundary-breaking.
Designskolen Kolding
This orchid white woollen dress would be a great thing to wear on a day or night out. The neon yellow neckline gives just an ounce of edginess which is perfect for evening wear. The length of this dress has become a real trend lately with many skirts, shorts and dresses like this having a similar length. The three quarter sleeves makes this a perfect look for the summer collection and also makes the length of the dress seem less dramatic, as some may consider it to be too short.
Tabernacle Twins
Tailored shorts have been a major trend this summer and to find some in duck egg with a matching shirt is a rare occasion! The colour is subtle yet daring and the egg-type crackling pattern makes this model look like she has just hatched from a rather fashionable egg. The loose fitting sleeves synched at the wrist and the done-up top button brings in elements from the school girl chic look and I love how the shirt is loosely tucked in to match the over-tailored sleeves. The gold necklace adds some sparkle to the outfit and the white leather shoes really help to make the ensemble scream country-club sophistication.
Tabernacle Twins
This black mesh jumpsuit has an element of grunge to it. Jumpsuits have become a trend this year, perhaps because of the revival of 80’s vintage. The cut-outs are over sized in order to give an edge to this classic design and it has been accessorised with gold jewellery to create a more hi-hop and gangster feel. Gangster chic; who’d have thought?
Johanna Pihl
This outfit just looks heavenly. It features what can only be described as a chiffon jumpsuit with angular silk leg designs weaved from angels. Underneath shorts and a bralet is worn which really gives a chic under-tailored feel to the over-tailored jumpsuit. The pyjama/lingerie trend was a real hit this summer as was the bralet trend; although this outfit may be too outlandish for some people, however, this is the way to show skin with class.
Johanna Pihl
The silk slim fit trousers in this outfit scream sophistication. They are featured in old gold and really help to add class to the ensemble. In the autumn we are expected to see a lot of ornate pieces so these trousers would fit in really well. The silk cut-outs on the top bring some quirkiness to the outfit and would look perfect for an evening out.
Barbara i Gongini
This canary yellow dress encompasses all the beauty of the over-tailored look. It is synched at the waist so as not to lose the model’s figure and to accentuate an hour-glass figure. I love the butterfly sleeve of the dress and the chunky black peep-toe heels really add some pizzazz. This dress could be worn during the day as a more casual look but with some bling it could easily be transformed for a night out.
Barbara i Gongini
The draped fabric really helps to create the illusion of a taller frame so would be best to wear if you consider yourself to be short and would like some extra height. There is a rock theme associated with this look due to the leather leggings and effortless styling so although this look may not be to everyone’s tastes, if you like what you see you’re bound to look chic with just a hint of Avril Levigne.
Ivan Grundahl
The ruffle skirt of this dress contains a kaleidoscope of colours spanning from the hues of purple to fuchsia. The matching vest top in a loose fitting and heavy fabric really helps to balance out the airiness of the ruffles and adds a more humble aspect to an extravagant skirt. The rough and readiness of this outfit is what really makes it so chic proving that you don’t have to be so put together to look high-fashion; in a way this outfit represents Copenhagen fashion week itself: a bit rough around the edges, but beautiful nonetheless.
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