Written by Tania Braukämper
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Admittedly I’m a little biased towards any event where interacting (read: shamelessly flirting) with the models isn’t frowned upon, but even for those who didn’t find themselves playing bocce with a bunch of dapper young men, Brioni’s spring 2013 presentation must have been a stand out. In most brands’ definitions a presentation involves models on a podium, but Brioni turned theirs into a swinging 20s-style garden party with champagne, live music, cornucopias of fresh fruit and rows of striped deckchairs to recline in. Models kitted out in Brioni’s finest spring outfits rotated through archery, badminton, croquet and other gentlemanly pursuits, pausing occasionally to indulge in some boyish mischeif or another. Way to sell a lifestyle along with the clothing.

I may have lost at Bocce, but this Milan fashion week evening was still a definite win.

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