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Lisbon Fashion Week coverage 2018

An outfit entirely worth recreating, spotted at ModaLisboa

You could easily dub this as the perfect outfit and you wouldn’t be more right in doing so, after all it’s classy with a hint of sexy, modern but with a slight retro undertone. And it’s the kind of look entirely worth recreating with the type of pieces one usually wears when it grows tired of all the rest: black turtleneck, matching mini-skirt, hot pair of…

The elegant way to wear a crop top: at ModaLisboa

The fact that we’ve seen quite the fair share of midriff-bearing tops take over the streets during the past seasons, did nothing to diminish our love for the subtle-sultriness of the look. Quite the opposite, as nothing catches out eyes faster than a fresh way to rock the crop, now that spring has finally settled over the Northern hemisphere. Spotted at ModaLisboa, a sky-blue, ruffled…

Edgy retro: Naomi Neto at ModaLisboa

With super-cool hair and a killer sense of accessorising – septum ring included – Naomi Neto was giving off a vibe of black Bond Girl Rosie Carver meets FKA Twigs. And if you think about it, that’s a pretty awesome combination. She was wearing the floral dress and fur coat ensemble during ModaLisboa.

When less is more: in Lisbon

Quite often the old maxim of less is more proves itself true even in the realm of street style – as the case when a simple pair of relaxed blue jeans and a black sheer blouse outshine everything going on around them.

A Parisian look in Portugal: ModaLisboa

Back in 1917 Coco Chanel introduced her nautical collection, said to have been directly inspired by the French sailor’s uniform. She pioneered a look for women that entailed a breton stripe top tucked into tailored, flare-leg pants. And what she made chic back in 1917, remains very much chic today. In fact, this outfit spotted during ModaLisboa could easily be a modern update on Chanel’s…

Ethnic embroidery: in Lisbon

A jacket can be everything to an outfit, and nothing quite adds a touch of bohemian drama like one covered in ethnic-inspired embroidery. Paired with black flares, a soft-pink camisole and a metallic clutch, this outfit came together on the streets of Lisbon at yesterday’s ModaLisboa.

Fish skins and fins: at Olga Noronha

You never quite know what you’re going to get when it comes time for Olga Noronha to bring her unique creative vision to the ModaLisboa runway. This season it was a collection of wearable sculptures that referenced the ocean: fish-fins and coral had clearly been twisting around in Noronha’s mind before emerging from her hands as armour-like accessories from the deep. As always her use…

Carolina Machado’s retro dream at ModaLisboa

Oversized eyelets, plunging necklines, cropped flared legs and a devastatingly chic retro colour palette: Carolina Machado may not have won the Sangue Novo (“New Blood”) segment of ModaLisboa, but she won our hearts with her 1970s inspired collection. Styled with slicked-back hair and black chokers, it was a sophisticated and well-crafted interpretation of a major trend that’s continuing to define the coming season. See a…

Backstage moments from ModaLisboa

There’s beauty in the chaos that goes on backstage. Skirt hems flutter past in the mad rush to get changed. Wild heels score the floors. Models stand in a line-up of final looks becoming a still pageant of texture and colour. And in the down moments, they sleep like silent angels or make mundane tasks like eating or texting look graceful. At the spring /…

Backstage at ModaLisboa S/S '16
Backstage at ModaLisboa S/S '16
Backstage at ModaLisboa S/S '16
Backstage at ModaLisboa S/S '16
Backstage at ModaLisboa S/S '16
Backstage at ModaLisboa S/S '16
Backstage at ModaLisboa S/S '16
Backstage at ModaLisboa S/S '16

How to wear black lace – any day, any time

A see-through dress made from black lace may sound like solely the domain of the evening. Especially if you add thigh-baring side slits into the equation. But such a piece can be made to suit any day, any time, if you dress it down with grace. Off-duty model Francisca Perez nailed it completely during ModaLisboa in Lisbon. A pair of masculine flats kept the whole…

Gingham checks made effortless: in Lisbon

Her ballerina-like topknot and glossy red lips may have been the beautiful remains of a ModaLisboa show, but model off duty Alexandra Nefedova happened to also rock the perfectly on the street. A low-buttoned gingham shirt tucked nonchalantly into a pair of skinny jeans was an easy accompaniment to gold chandelier earrings and bold makeup.

The model and the melted sky: ModaLisboa

There’s a particular time of day where the sky over the Rio Tejo in Lisbon turns a rainbow of melted sorbet. The light may be dim and not ideal for photographing a subject all in black, but then, such an outfit really only serves to compliment the sky even more. This off duty model posed for me on day 2 of the fall / winter…

Flag-bearers & falcons: backstage at Nuno Gama

Whether Nuno Gama’s fall 2015 show at ModaLisboa carried much historical accuracy isn’t worth the enquiry. The collection – inspired by Portugal’s discovery era – had value enough in entertainment and aesthetics to warrant all creative liberties taken by its creator. What Gama put together was a cast of characters that included captains and crusaders, sailors and sea-monsters, even a cameo from famed one-eye-blind Portuguese…

Backstage at Nuno Gama F/W '15
Backstage at Nuno Gama F/W '15
Backstage at Nuno Gama F/W '15
Backstage at Nuno Gama F/W '15
Backstage at Nuno Gama F/W '15
Backstage at Nuno Gama F/W '15
Backstage at Nuno Gama F/W '15
Backstage at Nuno Gama F/W '15

Gritty pretty: Backstage at ModaLisboa

Some faces are just too perfect not to cause your lens to gravitate towards them, voluntarily or involuntarily. And some moments, when said face happens to glance up at just the right second, are equally so. This shot was from backstage on day 3 of the fall / winter 2015 edition of ModaLisboa, where pretty red lips and gritty army styling found themselves in a…

At Valentim Quaresma: ModaLisboa

Valentim Quaresma isn’t in the business of designing jewellery: he’s in the business of creating fantasy worlds. Every runway he presents at ModaLisboa is a new expression of some rich and dark fantasy, where the borders of art and fashion aren’t so much blurred as all together smashed apart, and where jewellery becomes a form of armour. Yesterday’s fall / winter 2015 show was no…

Liliana Santos: at ModaLisboa

Portuguese actress Liliana Santos knows the value of a messy chignon and a statement ear cuff. Keeping everything else simple and minimal, she wore this ensemble to day 2 of the fall / winter 2015 edition of ModaLisboa.

Body parts: on the runway at Olga Noronha, ModaLisboa

Questioning the line between the body and what adorns it, Olga Noronha’s models were dotted with lines that seemed to instruct, cut here. The nude sheets of fabric carried the lines as well as did the models’ faces, and the runway occasionally slipped into performance art when a model would stop and, indeed, have her fabric sheath momentarily cut apart with a pair of scissors…