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Lisbon Fashion Week coverage 2015

The waiting game: at ModaLisboa

The life of a model is calms and storms: lots of hectic rushing around from show to show, being ushered into hair and makeup and rendered a whirlwind of moving outfit changes, and then – waiting. This shot of two models was photographed at ModaLisboa spring 2015.

A bold blue beauty look you can dare to wear

Some beauty looks, breathtaking as they are, seem best reserved for runways and special occasions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get inspired by them. Take this bold blue eyemakeup look formed of dark cat-eye lines, vibrant aqua pencil at the waterline, and lashings of electric blue mascara. It’s an update on mod beauty you can wear out at night, or play down to more…

Candid moments: Mauro Viana at ModaLisboa

ModaLisboa, being far more relaxed than most fashion weeks, is a perfect place for standing in wait until those candid moments present themselves for capturing. Passing through the crowd, with a calm demeanour belying the wild, matted strands of hair as remnants of a show just passed, was Portuguese model Mauro Viana (@ We Are Models). Thank God for coffee breaks.

Orange hair, orange robe: at ModaLisboa

Outside the backstage entrance at ModaLisboa, this red-haired off duty model was getting a breath of fresh air in an officially supplied, vibrant orange and red robe. If ever there was any doubt that such a colour palette could work magnificently against natural copper hair tones, they were instantly dispelled.

Backstage at ModaLisboa, spring 2015

It was a good day to be backstage. For one, Nuno Gama’s epic closing show was to include 80 male models, most of whom were milling about waiting for their call time. I was hardly going to complain about that. Secondly, Valentim Quaresma’s unique creations – intricate pieces of body jewellery made from clips and skulls and other curiosities – were being adorned onto bodies…

Backstage at ModaLisboa, S/S '15
Backstage at ModaLisboa, S/S '15
Backstage at ModaLisboa, S/S '15
Backstage at ModaLisboa, S/S '15
Backstage at ModaLisboa, S/S '15
Backstage at ModaLisboa, S/S '15
Backstage at ModaLisboa, S/S '15
Backstage at ModaLisboa, S/S '15

Boy off duty: in Lisbon

With a large proportion of menswear shows, ModaLisboa had no shortage of male models calmly waiting, at any given time, for their next call. Gonçalo Pinto (@ We Are Models) was sitting outside relaxing between shows.

15 outfits from Lisbon: street style roundup

ModaLisboa is as relaxed as the city it takes place in. Far removed from the madding crowds and breathless anticipation of the “big four” fashion weeks, it takes over a small corner of Lisbon with minimal fanfare and a chilled-out vibe that only the Portuguese can seem to truly master. The street style, for the most part, is reflective. From show attendees to off duty…

A backward glance: at ModaLisboa

Sometimes it’s when you see the back of an outfit that it truly stands out to you. Like this one at ModaLisboa yesterday: there was the leather harness detail, and of course the braid. Such detail just calls for an over-the-shoulder glance.

A woman’s destiny is to be herself

Touched by rising tensions in the Middle East, Filipe Faisca sent a message of women’s rights down his ModaLisboa runway. “In spite of all their constraints,” echoed the show notes, in a quote by Cristina H. Alves, “women are the epitome of the world’s freedom, of life’s sensuality and effective change. From their apparent submission there’s a bright light of immense power being born. Women…

Chasing the sun in vibrant bikinis: Cia Maritima

“Follow the Sun” was the motto of Cia Maritima for spring / summer 2015, and it made sense: these were swim pieces of such vibrant optimism they seemed to flat-out refuse even the remotest possibility of a cloudy day. The collection featured 19 ethnic-inspired prints, with tropical and Peruvian prints as the highlights. Unique shapes saw folded-down waistlines mimicking an unzipped wetsuit, short-length bodysuits, and…

Striped: Luis Borges off duty at ModaLisboa

I first shot Luis Borges at last season’s ModaLisboa, standing out from the crowd courtesy his unique sense of personal style. The same could be said for Luis yesterday at day 1 of the Lisbon fashion week’s spring 2015 edition. Bold stripes, oversized cuts and a hint of gold jewellery were all so right for that modelesque face and cool fuzz of black hair.

Anonymous Pocahontas: at Joaquim Correia

I wish I could tell you exactly what was going on in the mind of Joaquim Correia when he breathed this unusual collection into being, but alas I did not get a chance to ask. On the runway at ModaLisboa his small regiment of uniformly platinum bobbed models seemed to fall somewhere between Pocahontas and fame-shy pop singer Sia. Faces were obscured but midriffs and…

Behind-the-scenes at the ModaLisboa T.V. spot filming

The camera crew were crammed into the narrow streets of Alfama – Lisbon’s old town. The dressing room was a makeshift space at the back of an old hall filled with the sleeping remains of the Santo Antonio Festival floats. One scene, the final scene, sprawled everything out into the open atop the Miradouro das Portas do Sol, with Lisbon in all her weathered glory…

ModaLisboa 'Legacy' T.V. spot: behind the scenes
ModaLisboa 'Legacy' T.V. spot: behind the scenes
ModaLisboa 'Legacy' T.V. spot: behind the scenes
ModaLisboa 'Legacy' T.V. spot: behind the scenes
ModaLisboa 'Legacy' T.V. spot: behind the scenes
ModaLisboa 'Legacy' T.V. spot: behind the scenes
ModaLisboa 'Legacy' T.V. spot: behind the scenes
ModaLisboa 'Legacy' T.V. spot: behind the scenes

The jumpsuit & Joana

Some vintage finds are so good they need little else to turn them into a fully-blown, fashion week-ready outfit. A slinky navy blue jumpsuit with a deep plunging neckline is one of them. Joana simply added a geometric necklace by Mr Nicos and a perfect shade of red lipstick to hers during ModaLisboa.

5 easy, casual looks from the street in Lisbon

Like it or not, economic affairs make their waves in all areas of life – including fashion. During ModaLisboa the looks on the street were reflective of a people who know how to make the most of little, largely mixing high street and vintage, and bringing the unassuming, relaxed mood of the city to the audience of the shows. At the gallery – from ripped…

Back to basics: on the street in Lisbon

There’s much to be said for the power of the right basics. A plain white tee, for example, can be made to look smart with an all-black outfit, if the quality and the silhouette are right. Add an elegant clutch and some gold jewellery, and little more is required.