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London fashion week.


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David Gandy looks dapper, melts hearts

If you’re going to be thrown anything on a not-so-sunny summer’s day in London, it might as well be a cheeky half-smile from David Gandy. If you’ll forgive the cliche, that aught to melt pretty much any… one. On the first day of the London Men’s shows, Gandy was wearing a grey suit from Savile Row tailors Welsh & Jefferies.

Ola Rudnicka & the Burberry blanket

On a characteristically grey day in London, what could be more fortuitous than being gifted a personalised Burberry plaid blanket straight off the runway? Maybe, for the rest of us, being gifted with piercing blue eyes and a model physique a la Ola Rudnicka. But for her, the blanket must have been pretty neat.

Daisy Lowe shows how to make your curves work for you

Forgive me for making bodyweight commentaries, but Daisy Lowe is an exercise in rocking curves. It seems, therefore, a valid thing to draw attention to: neither a bust nor a booty requires hiding away, but nor does either require the skimpiest of garments to be highlighted as sexy. Channeling a vintage bombshell aught to do the most justice, if Lowe’s look from London fashion week…

The kind of attitude that sticks out a mile away: in London

Maybe it was her cool cloud of afro hair, or her white lace variation on the cropped shirt baring a hint of toned midriff; or maybe it was the combination of piercing blue eyes, pink lips, and velvety mocha skin that did it. More likely, it was the coming together of everything at once that turned a simple look to one brimming with an attitude…

Off duty grunge girl: after Burberry

I doubt it crossed anyone’s mind during the beautiful burst of hand-painted florals and soft hues that was Burberry’s autumn 2014 show; but the accompanying haze of purple eyeshadow was destined to be a perfect match for some off-duty neo-grunge looks like this one.

All signs point to white: Camille Charriere

I’m not usually game to go for white at both above and below the waist – especially when the weather isn’t coming up sunshine. And this was London – so the skies were naturally grey. Camille Charriere provided some pretty neat inspiration on how it’s done, though, and from here I think we can all rest easy that all-white is all right. It comes down…

Marie Jensen’s sweater wishes you a nice day

Marie Myrhøj Jensen knows the value of a good slogan sweater when it comes to getting street style photographed. She cast out a line with this Asish sequin sweater that cheerfully wishes every passer by a nice day. I bit, and this photo ensued. There’s plenty of slogany goodness from the brand – some more can be found here.

Florals & checks: in London

Florals work all year round, and there’s always added edge if you decide to clash them with another pattern. A sheer floral blouse and a pair of checkered pants, for example – as seen in this outfit. And by the way, if you want more ideas for pattern clashing – check out these print mixing inspiration boards.

Rolling with the rain: in London

If there’s one hair trend that’s perfectly complimentary to London’s weather situation, it’s wet look hair. During London fashion week, jewellery designer Andreea rolled with the rain for a slick wet-hair look that beat out everyone else’s frazzled manes.

A fairytale beauty look that works on the street

With an ultra-sensual collection inspired by classic Hollywood starlets, Art Nouveau design, and neo-Gothic architecture, the Zeynep Kartal show required something special by way of hair and makeup. A bouffant with a small braid along the crown giving the impression of a headband left wisps of fringe framing the face, while deep, dark red lips and a shimmer of white at the inner corner of…

Voo & vibrant blue: in London

A cool, sporty sweater can easily be given life as a sophisticated wardrobe staple, if only you know how to dress it up. This Voo sweater was paired with block panelled tailored pants in a contrasting vibrant blue – with just a hint of grey on them to match back. A smart coat and pair of heels finished off the street style look.