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Pitti Uomo.


Twice a year, flocks of stylish men descent upon Florence, Italy, for Pitti Uomo - the defining menswear tradeshow. The 59,000 square meters of exhibition space are filled with everything from suiting to streetwear, a buyer’s heaven for all things related to men’s fashion. As with previous years, Pitti Uomo’s 2019 tradeshows will launch new fashion projects, discover new brands, and present a range of special events. Below you’ll find coverage of Pitti Uomo 2019 along with past coverage from 2018.

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Pitti Uomo coverage 2019

25 men’s outfits from Pitti Uomo in Florence: day 2

Another day of Pitti Uomo, another generous helping of well-dressed gentlemen. Note the accessories; the quirks in styling. The gloves fanning from suit jacket pockets like five-fingered flowers, the subtle lapel pins, the baseball cap sitting cooly above a sharp chalk-stripe suit. There’s plenty to be inspired by within this gallery of 25 street style shots. See them all after the break.

23 awesome menswear looks from Pitti Uomo: day 1

It’s the menswear event of the season, where all the stylish men come out to play. Pitti Uomo is the best excuse to dandy up in three-piece suits with all the trimmings; to layer on ever dapper accessory a guy can own; and to show the quirkiest and most unique personal style. A creative playground for menswear, here’s a roundup of the best street style…

Men of style: 26 street style snaps from Pitti Uomo, Florence

The menswear tradeshow Pitti Uomo may bring all kinds of events and stalls to the bowels of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, but it also brings so much more. The street style of the Pitti attendees never disappoints, having become something of an attraction all on its own. With the spring 2016 edition of Pitti having just passed through sunny Italy, here are 26…

At the Eton Party in Florence

A black and white themed party for a collection inspired by Skyfall; tiramisu pots and cocktails and an impossibly picturesque 360 degree view of Florence courtesy the upper deck of the Westin Excelsior… If Pitti Uomo by day is all about the street style, then by night it’s all about the parties.

Pitti’s street style details: yesterday

Summer’s heat continued to bare down upon Pitti Uomo yesterday, not that you’d have known it given just how many of the event’s stylish men continue to indulge in layers despite the mercury pointing towards 40 Celsius. Layers there may have been, but Pitti is an event where details rule. After the break we’ll take you through the accessories, from lapel pins to slippers, that…

Blue on the bottom: at Pitti

If there’s a colour any man should be willing to add to their wardrobe, it’s a vibrant cobalt blue. And if anyone ever told you not to wear blue with black – especially black shoes – think again. As this gent shows, blue pants and black shoes can get along just fine.

Accessories & details: the keys to a Pitti look

Though we say this a lot, it bears repeating: when it comes to Pitti Uomo, it’s all about the accessories and details. Stitching on a well-made jacket, the added flair of a pocket square and some jewellery, a great pair of shades… as yet another gent on the Fortezza grounds proves, it’s those things that make an outfit stand out.

Pitti’s own Nick Caraway

Though style like this could easily be what grabs you and compels you to take a photograph, in this case I’ll admit it was Antonio’s resemblance to The Great Gatsby‘s Nick Caraway – as most recently played by Tobey Maguire – that got me.

Light summer at Massimo Rebecchi: at Pitti

Massimo Rebecchi’s presence at Pitti Uomo was like the brand: easy, bright and breezy, a light-filled tent on the Fortezza grounds showcasing linen blazers, bold colours and a multitude of summer prints. House model Simone posed for us wearing an ensemble from the brand’s Summer collection.

Male models & ice-cream at Pitti

Florence’s menswear tradeshow Pitti Uomo is filled with things to see and do, and this season more than ever have installations been popping up around the grounds like mushrooms. If you happened to wander by one area yesterday you’d have stumbled across a bunch of models sunning in deck chairs and eating ice-creams, looking stylish despite the beating sun. We didn’t envy them having to…

Men’s style in Pitti: round-up

If there’s one thing guaranteed at Florence’s Pitti Uomo, it’s that the grounds of the Fortezza da Basso – actually make that the city in general – will be filled with stylish men. After the break, a gallery of just some of the outfits spotted on days 1 and 2.

Modern-vintage men’s look: Mariano Di Vaio at Pitti

How do you beat the heat while still looking photo-worthy during the summer edition of Pitti Uomo? With colour, print and accessories: between those three things, a shirt with rolled-up sleeves and no tie has enough impact to catch the eye. Style blogger/model Mario Di Vaio wore his with leather braces and a flat cap for a vintage-meets-modern look.

Trademark style: Lino

Lino is the kind of man who doesn’t just have style, he has a trademark style. You’d be hard pressed to spot him around the grounds of Pitti Uomo without his number 7 tie and a sharp double-breasted suit. Yesterday, at Day 1 of the current Pitti season, he was mixing vibrant blue with white for a stand-out summer look.

Pitti magic: day 1 of Florence

It’s not officially summer for a few days, but Pitti Uomo is none the less right in the summer spirit. The menswear tradeshow kicked off yesterday at Florence’s Fortezza Da Basso, and this time it found new ways of merging work and pleasure: champagne and fresh fruit, ice cream stands, a walkway sheltered by pink umbrellas – suspended as if by magic – drinks being…

Naked but not

“Oh, it’s meant to be over the top,” we reassure our friends when they look upon a catwalk with bewilderment. So much of the fashion that hits catwalks is described as ‘wearable art’, made only to fill the wardrobes of the likes of Anna Dello Russo. But what happens when a piece really is wearable art? What happens when the echo of Helmut Newton’s voyeuristic…

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Elza Luijendijk after Scervino

Dutch beauty Elza Luijendijk – with her blonde hair and blue eyes – was a perfect match for the classic red-lipped beauty look at the Ermanno Scervino show at Pitti Uomo in Florence. I took this shot backstage after the show where, even rugged up in a winter jacket and scarf, Luijendijk was looking so stunning she could have just stepped out of the pages…