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Pitti Uomo.


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Tousled hair for boyish charm

A man with straight, fine hair will often gravitate to an ultra-short cut. But just as the power of a women’s look can reside in her hair, so too can a man’s. A dishevelled men’s hairstyle that brushes the eyes will always carry a certain youthful mischief. Much like this gent’s, as snapped at Pitti Uomo.

Italian Gatsby: Luca Rubinacci

If F. Scott Fitzgerald had penned Jay Gatsby to be Italian, he might have been a literary version of Luca Rubinacci. At least, that’s what sprang to mind when we snapped him yesterday wearing a navy blue baker-boy cap.

A combo to go with camel

A camel coat is an undeniable classic, but if worn with a muted palette of neutrals or browns, it has the potential to wash you out. A strong colour combination to try with camel that will do just the opposite: navy blue and a rich maroon.

Bearded red and suited brown

It’s not all clashing colours and patchworks of prints at Pitti Uomo. Some men can pull off looking quirky and gentlemanly while still sticking to a single, coherent colour palette. A red beard matches perfectly to earthy brown hues in both three-piece suit, tie, piercing brown eyes, and hat.

Like father, like son

I first photographed Filippo at Pitti last season, sitting on the sidelines blowing a white cloud of smoke into the summer air. He has the look of someone stranded in the wrong time. When your eyes land upon an older version of him, separately wandering the grounds, at first glance seeming to be identically dressed, the mind tangles. Side by side though it’s obvious there’s…

The essentials of a men’s weekend bag: Kalaf Angelo

Prominently placed in the central hub of this season’s Pitti Uomo is an installation with a chess board (usually flanked by two stylish gentleman, each with one hand on beard and one on the board as they concentrate on both playing the game and looking stylish at the same time) and around it a series of objects. The objects are those of men’s fashion, designed…

A casual men’s look: Mariano Di Vaio

Pitti brings many tailored menswear looks out into the open… But that’s not to say you can’t spot casual, off-duty outfits in abundance too. This one features skinny jeans, boots, a simple black tee and oversized parka. A floral scarf adds boldness and flamboyance, but you could just as easily do without for a more toned-down look.

Suited up: Lino

Lino Ieluzzi is one of those men who you know won’t disappoint when Pitti Uomo rolls around. With a penchant for double-breasted suits and ties embroidered with the number ‘7’, the owner of Milanese haberdashery Al Bazar never looks anything short of the bold and yet traditional Italian gentleman.

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Best views at the Fortezza: Ben Sherman

Being the menswear tradeshow of the European calendar, Pitti Uomo is filled with impressive stalls, stands and installations. But of all, you’d be hard pressed to find one with a better view than the Ben Sherman space at the very top of the Fortezza Da Basso. Ascend a tight, stone, spiral staircase to where the brand is celebrating ‘A Heritage of Modernism: 50 years of…

Boldness in bright blue

Wearing three pieces doesn’t mean they all have to be matching pieces. This look photographed at Pitti Uomo demonstrates, the wearer throwing a bright blue jacket over a houndstooth print vest and pants.

Around the Fortezza, day 2

Street style photographers are doing their thing. Men are daring to step out in floral ties, brightly coloured beanies, varsity jackets and turtleneck sweaters. Turn your collar up against the cold, it’s day 2 of menswear extravaganza Pitti Uomo. Stay tuned for more photos coming soon.

No detail unattended: Antonio & Ignatious

Birds of a feather flock together, as the saying goes. So it’s not surprising that one immaculately-dressed gentleman should be in the company of another. These two happen to be oft-photographed, highly regarded gents of the men’s fashion world: on the left, Antonio Rossi who heads up a business designing quirky cufflinks (; on the right Ignatious Joseph, purveyor of fine men’s shirts ( Between…

Florals done with masculinity

Many men are daunted by the prospect of wearing florals, such is their feminine connotation. But for anyone wanting an example of how to wear them in a way that’s styling without being girlish, look no further than this street style look from Pitti Uomo.

Blending in with the print crowd

If there’s any place that camo print for men can be spotted with reliable regularity, it’s at Pitti Uomo. That’s particularly true when the print is really very much on-trend – as it has proven to be for both fall and spring 2013. This is just one of the examples we spotted today, pairing a camo-print jacket with a denim shirt and blue checkered bow-tie.

Rugged refinement in Florence

Dapper looks are not hard to come by at Pitti Uomo, but each holds its own unique appeal. This look mixed refinement and ruggedness in equal volumes: a smart pair of spectacles, side-parted hair, and felt grey tie giving refinement to a plaid shirt, cargos and a suit jacket with raw edged detailing.

Retro flair in Florence

There’s a particular style code that permeates much of Pitti Uomo, and breaking it – even just a little – can make one truly stand out. Forgoing the suit jacket and coat in favour of a tough leather bomber jacket is one way to do it. The bomber itself may be fairly understated in plain black, but when paired with a popping bright red v-neck…

Welcome to Florence, menswear heaven: day 1

The grounds of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence are a vastly different picture to what they were in June: the cool green grass where people lay fanning themselves has been overlaid with stiff white wooden decking; the scarecrows that threatened to combust in the blazing heat have been replaced with an installation of book pages; and the sea of chinos and bare ankles that…

She’s a rainbow: Nikita

Nikita changes hair colour a lot. She’s like a rainbow, like the girl the Rolling Stones sang about – she combs her hair, she comes in colors everywhere. When I shot her at Pitti Uomo earlier this year it was raven and blue. On one of the days she was decked out in galaxy leggings and black lace and on another an unfussy black sleeveless…

Quirky but not too much: in Florence

Some people adhere to the philosophy that you should take one thing off before you leave the house; others in the opposing camp say you should add one thing. It really comes down to the type of person you are, whether you have a tendency to go overboard, or whether you’re more inclined to be too timid in your accessorising. Working out which you are…

Just peachy: rocking a casual look in Florence

If I described an outfit as consisting of a t-shirt, denim shorts, and sneakers, you’d probably be asleep before I’d even finished the sentence. It doesn’t exactly sound riveting. But don’t give up on the concept just yet: make the tee a slouchy one that shows a peep of midriff, put the shorts on the right pair of legs, and you have yourself an outfit…