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Pitti Uomo.


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Retro hair inspiration from Dlindolls

Tucked away at the back of Pitti Uomo – away from the buzzing hive of menswear activity – was a hidden womenswear gem. If the antidote to testosterone overdose happens to be pink and hemmed with frills, then the brand’s installation was it. Models posed around a room that could have been a set from Mad Men: retro furnishings complimenting the sixties inspired fashion that…

The story of The Denim Surgeon

When is a designer not a designer? The answer to this seeming riddle comes not in the form of words, but in the form of a person. A person whose uncommon approach to design earned him the moniker of le chirurgien du jean (‘the denim surgeon‘).

Cosmic leggings, star earrings: street style

Nikita isn’t aware of Jem and the Holograms; that magical ’80s cartoon in which our protagonist, Jerrica, transforms from normalcy to superhero secret identity with a touch of her star earrings. Jerrica’s alter-ego is a rockstar called Jem: pink-haired, ultra-cool, crystal-voiced and as partial to face paint as Gene Simmons (if KISS’s thunderbolts came in pink). She may not have been the regular kind of…

Removable chains: street style

I probably need not preach the value of accessories in raising up an outfit. A simple tee and pair of jeans isn’t really an outfit until you accessorise, so the question is more what to add. A detachable collar is one of the year’s most versatile accessories, the kind of thing you can add to almost any top or dress to give it an instant…

Casually revealing

There was a time when a long skirt, cut with high slits that reveal the legs with every step, would have been reserved purely for after nightfall. But that’s no longer the case. No better an example than in the heat of Florence at Pitti Uomo, where a slit skirt and casual loafers or lace-ups were regularly seen together, a partnership of both comfort and…

Blazing red: Pitti men’s street style

When last we caught up with Nick Schaerf he was tweeded up for the Melbourne Tweed Ride. Last week we bumped into him on the other side of the world, in an appropriately contrasting look. Decked out in a red double breasted suit, and all the accessory trimmings, Nick held his own against both the Florentine summer and the mass of stylishly colourful Pitti men.

This is your new favourite… hat

The slow emerging trend of incorporating street wear into a suit outfit is gaining traction, evidenced by Pitti-goers fondness for pairing items like running shoes and bandanas with linen blazers and tailored pants. The baseball cap is a natural evolution of that, and this might be the one we start with.

Turban: Pitti men’s street style

A pair of shorts, t-shirt and a blazer may not be the most stand-out of outfits on a normal day. But with the addition of an on-trend pair of sunglasses and a scarf wrapped around as a turban, there’s a new level of interest to be reached. Not to mention a great way of keeping the hot Florentine sun from burning one’s head.

Day 3: Pitti men’s street style (gallery)

Hey everyone at Pitti Uomo? Stop looking so good and making everybody else feel bad and insecure about their entire wardrobe. But they won’t stop. They just keep on coming with their unlined cotton jackets, white denim, raw silk ties and neckerchiefs. This gallery contains all of that and much more.

Accessories Americano: Pitti men’s street style

It’s good to see the Americana influence on menswear hasn’t died down, even in the midst of Florence, Tuscany. Take away the accessories from this Pitti Uomo street style look, and you have a pretty conventional outfit. It’s smart dressing and you guys should pay attention. Also, take notice of the floral neckerchief. If all goes according to plan, by the masters of Pitti, you’ll…