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Pitti Uomo.


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Watch brand to watch: South Lane

As well as meatballs, the Swedes are rather famous for their Scandinavian design aesthetic. It’s one that favours function and form over bells and whistles, and one they do particularly well. At this week’s Pitti Uomo in Florence, watch brand South Lane stood out for the pared-back simplicity of design and uncluttered set of options.

Keeping cool at Pitti (gallery)

Shoes off, fans out, blankets aplenty: it’s all part of keeping cool in (while still enjoying) the 30-something degree Florentine heat. These moments of rest and relaxation were captured on day 2 of Pitti Uomo, June 2012.

The spirit of Summer: Pitti men’s street style

We’re officially halfway through Pitti, and while I’m not going to call it just yet, this might just be my favourite look so far. Highlights include joyously coloured pastel green trousers and a wonderfully sculpted jacket but it’s that pocket square action that tops the whole thing off in spectacular fashion. It’s vibrant, fresh and screams of Summer in Italy. In fact, you’d be hard…

Ben Sherman with a view: Live from Pitti

Sitting atop a tower in the Fortezza, the site of Pitti Uomo, Ben Sherman have bought a little bit of EC1 London to Firenze. They’re set up shop to celebrate their range of trousers (it’s an impressive list) that range from the standard straight drill to the American heritage-inspired and a slim cut herringbone – all in a myriad of colours.

The modern moustache: Pitti men’s street style

The revival of the moustache as a men’s grooming statement has not only brought back classic styles such as the handlebar – it’s brought them back with a modern twist (pardon the pun). Case in point: the old-world mood of a handlebar moustache updated for the modern day by way of multiple piercings, as snapped at Pitti Uomo.

The fairer sex: Pitti women’s street style

Pitti Uomo: that great menswear tradeshow that biannually rolls into Florence like a colourful carnival of dapper men; where women fight to keep their title of the fairer sex and the queues to the men’s bathrooms are – a rare event indeed – longer than those to the ladies’. But while the parade of stylish men turns the sartorially inclined into a kid in a…

Women at the Fortezza, Florence
Women at the Fortezza, Florence
Women at the Fortezza, Florence
Women at the Fortezza, Florence
Women at the Fortezza, Florence
Women at the Fortezza, Florence
Women at the Fortezza, Florence
Women at the Fortezza, Florence

5 minutes with Daniel Dunko of Hancock

Thomas Hancock, in 1843, invented the vulcanisation of rubber using sulphur. That process, when applied to handmade, expertly cut and wonderfully coloured (think tennis green and honeysuckle red) garments is what forms the basis of Hancock, a new brand that specialises in creating raincoats. In the midst of Pitti, we sat down to talk to Daniel Dunko, founder and creator of Hancock about what it…

Firenze suiting: Pitti men’s street style

The first day of Pitti Uomo saw temperatures hit a sunny 37 degrees but the soaring temperatures (compared to last week in London, at least) won’t deter the men of Florence going out the gate guns blazing. Speaking of, blazers were in full force, almost all of them cotton and many double breasted. It’s remarkable that most don’t break a sweat, but it guess it…

The bison: Pitti men’s street style

Like whisky, the most stylish men at Pitti Uomo get better with age. With time their styles evolve. They develop trademarks and quirks that both represent and define them. Street style photographers adore them; sartorially focused youths want to be them when they grow up. Epitomising the quirky side of Florentine fashion as it sweeps the grounds of Pitti Uomo is CEO and President of…