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Hair inspiration of the day: lavishly ornate curls

Matched to an equally poetic dress – whose ethereal lace trimmings plus a handful of painterly floral motifs add a note delicacy to the white leather corset – the lavish hair accessories borrowing the shapes of birds, flowers and stars, help a curly, disheveled up-do look nothing short of extraordinary. So if your natural curly texture is the niggling kind and you often find yourself…

Magic that goes on by the lake

She’s a free-spirited beauty, a nymph of sorts leaving traces of magic wherever she goes. A dark romance flourishes where her oxblood lips meet the purity of white lace and the lavishness of burnt velvet, where tight corsets delicately accent her delicate frame, where red roses bloom on sheer veils as black as the night. Apuje Kalu is guilty of the dark yet utter-feminine styling…
Mono Lake
Mono Lake
Mono Lake
Mono Lake
Mono Lake
Mono Lake
Mono Lake
Mono Lake

Style inspiration of the day: boho beach babe attire

We all have than one breezy, floor-grazing, weightless summer dress that screams of bohemian inspiration, and that we can’t stop during the hottest of days. And whether it’s a solid white, bright & colourful, or artfully printed, it can be as easily reinvented if it has a high enough front slit, or a button-down closure. Just take notes from the ultimate beach babe Mimi Elashiry,…

Hair inspiration of the day: get twisting with these ’90s inspired rope braids

Whether it’s for a hot summer day that you’re looking to get inspired, or perhaps a trip to the beach that requires a super-awesome but equally practical style, Ginta Lapina’s ‘90s-influenced rope braids are very likely to satisfy your creative cravings in the hair department. Done on super-sleek, wet-hair and tied with red cord, this look is the epitome of easy-breezy, cool summer styling, all…

Sheri Chiu’s raw art-nudes pay tribute to Nobuyoshi Araki (NSFW)

Always raw and descriptive but never one to leave taste and artfulness behind, Sheri Chiu‘s complex show of emotions plays well with her many-sided character, her use of nudity as a means of expression able to tell a different story every time. Paying tribute to Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, Sacha Rovinski lenses a bare-skinned, rough but beautiful Sheri Chiu for Pointsevenmach Magazine’s first issue.
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Beauty tip of the day: stun with electric blue eyes

We’ve known for a while that blue was officially going to be the biggest makeup trend to color the summer of 2016, but in seeing the beauty statement take over the streets and our favorite glossy magazines around this time of the year kind of reignites the inspiration and love we for the bold eye. And to complete the infatuation, we spotted the beautiful Luma…

Style inspiration of the day: spring’s loose layers & silhouettes

If spring’s penchant for weightless fabrics and airy silhouettes gets you more excited than its fondness for bright florals and flirty detailing, then today’s style inspiration is definitely for you to file away. Modeled by Anabel Krasnotsvetova, this breezy, comfy and supremely chic outfit caught our eyes from between the pages of Marie Claire Russia. And if your wardrobe holds a light and solid crop…

Hair inspiration of the day: Gigi Hadid’s Bardot-inspired ‘do

Gigi Hadid. Vogue. Need we say more? Whenever the super muse graces the pages of the emblematic fashion magazine, magic happens, and usually in more than one sense of the word. And that magic often translates to copious amounts of inspiration – beauty to hair to flawless style the below photograph nails that entire summer romance allure. But it’s the Bardot-inspired, textured half-up do paired…

Beauty inspiration of the day: unapologetic shimmers & sparkles

Luminous skin, contoured face, a splash of peach on the cheeks plus lots and lots of shimmer: there’s something about the ’80s unapologetic use of glitter and sparkle that still evokes a good time, even now, decades later. Borrowing inspiration from a glamorous Anais Mali, today’s beauty spark involves golden glimmers over the whole lid and up to the crease, a layer of mascara and…

Style inspiration of the day: summer crochet made cool

It’s been a while ever since the fashion industry decided to openly embrace crochet and turn it into an all-chic affair just perfect for the hot season. Picking up from where it left off last summer, this year’s crochet is colourful, casual but oh-so glorious, looking insanely good as worn by a stunning Behati Prinsloo. Borrow inspiration from the blonde muse and use a light…