Dipping into the nostalgic chest of 1960s sophistication, Anna Sui’s autumn / fall 2012 collection also brought along a casually cool, swingy effect to its show.

Complementing the clothes and accessories seen on the runway, the ’60s mod vibe was also picked up by the show’s hair team, pairing each model with a low ponytail that interpreted the ’60s with an obvious addition of modernity.

After the break we’ll take you through the the 60s inspired hairstyle, with a complete how-to so you can make the look your own. If you’d like to keep up to date with all of this season’s and 2013’s hairstyles, be sure to subscribe to Fashionising.com’s newsletter or like us on Facebook.

As we all witness the Swinging Sixties take up a comfortably permanent spot in the fashion closet, the decade’s resonance continues to echo in the hair and beauty department.

Ponytails have gotten a makeover. They are being altered for an occasion or event, so to fit the ongoing trend while still bringing something new to the table. They are opening avenues to be casual, modern, feminine and boyish, all at once. We’re seeing high ponytails with sportiness, a side ponytail with a mermaid braid or a low ponytail at the nape of neck, as seen at Anna Sui.

This 1960s ponytail is of the kind that can be instantly marked as a 2013 hairstyle you can wear right now – irrespective of the hemisphere or season you’re in. It has a timeless elegance, and yet it’s ultimately relaxed. Pair it with brightly coloured liquid eyeliner for an even punchier mod look, as seen on the runway.

The three-dimensional, heavily backcombed section at the crown effectively works in highlighting the traditional low ponytail and bringing a modern edge to the look.

This style of ponytail can be worn on a date night with your lover or for a summer picnic in the park. And that’s where the magic lies – this ‘60s-style ponytail is not constricted to a time zone, event or hemisphere.

1960s ponytail: the how to

Pick the highest point of your eyebrow and create a side parting in your hair in accordance to that point on your arch. This is a great accuracy tip for when you want to make a side parting.
Take a section from the crown of your head, so that if anyone were to get an aerial view of your head, they should see a T-shape parting.
Take the back section of hair and backcomb that area. Feel free to tease it in sections, but think Adele’s beehive look with more street appeal while doing so. Remember to create volume at the back of your head, just above the ponytail, as that’s where the look gets its sixties vibe from.
Now take all the hair and tie it at the nape of the neck with an elastic band to form a ponytail.
Take a small section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band to camouflage it. Pin it tightly in place.
Pull every strand of loose hair to the back of the head and pin it just above the ponytail. This would add volume to the three-dimensional beehive, as well as keep the hairstyle neat and tidy.

mod sixties ponytail

Pull back every strand of hair that’s sticking out at the front of your face and tuck it behind your ear.
Lastly, finish with hairspray, generously, especially at the halo of your head as you don’t want the volume to drop.

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