Day 7 – Bed Hair Wrap Up

Our seven days of bed hair has seen a lot of variation – who knew there were that many different ways to get a tailored messy look, few of which actually involved hitting the sack!

So lets wrap up our seven days of bed hair -
Day 1 we looked at how to get Kate Moss’ shag
Day 2 we gave advice to bleached blondes
Day 3 we showed you how to get bed hair the bohemian way just like Sienna
Day 4 we looked you at hair protection techniques
Day 5 we went through blow drying
Day 6 we went product free

Day 7 – Attack your hair

There are so many ways to mess up your hair, here are some suggestions from our resident makeup artists –

Catherine suggests teasing hair, then hairspray, teasing hair, then hairspray etc until the whole head is complete.

So Glamorous suggests taking the palm of your hand, placing it on the back of your head and turning it into small circles to tease the hair.

Phoebe also says to backcomb and tease the whole head, using products like rootlifter for bigger hair.

Carly suggests scrunching the hair for the bedhead look.

We hope this helps, now there are no excuses not to have the perfect bed hair!

Kate Moss sports bed hair, and more, for TopShop

Thank you

A big thank you to everyone in the industry who helped us with the series, and for the huge response that we received.

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