Hair how-to: Sass & Bide in 7 easy steps

The Sass & Bide girl always has a cool factor, an edge. For the label’s spring 2011 show that indefinable quality permeated not just the clothing but the hair and makeup, too.

Fortunately for us Renya Xydis, who headed up the ghd hair team, is not one to horde her hair secrets. The unique, edgy take on the braided topknot she created for the show is one you too can create at home. Read on to find out how.

  1. Part the hair in the middle
  2. Work ghd fat hair lotion into mid-lengths – ends of the hair and shake it through with your fingers, then dry the product into the hair
  3. Tip head forward and lightly mist ultimate hairspray though out the hair to set the great texture you achieve with the fat hair lotion
  4. Braid the hair from the bottom of the head upwards
  5. Tie both ends into a knot at the front of the top of the head
  6. Use a ghd styler to give texture and movement to the hair in the pony tail
  7. Twist the hair into a loose bun and tie if off – keep some hair hanging free and spread it out to give the look of a swept fringe

More images, courtesy ghd, can be found below, while you can read more on 2011’s hair trends by following the link.