How to: Lucette’s warrior hairstyle

One of my favourite things about Lucette’s Spring 2010 runway show at RAFW (Australian fashion week) was the hairstyle. Its like a 50s quiff meets futuristic warrior, all the while reminding me of Sean Young’s Bladerunner character, Rachael – a fact I could never overlook. The ghd hair team have shared with us their steps for creating the look – meaning I finally have the courage and know-how to give it a shot myself!

Instructions on creating the hairstyle after the jump.

Lucette Spring 2010 hairstyle

Above image courtesy ghd.

Lucette Spring 2010 hairstyle on the runway

How to get the look

  1. Divide hair into three sections including a horseshoe from temple to temple (first section), below the ear around to the other ear (middle section), and remaining hair down to the nape (final section).
  2. Prep top section with ghd Creation Spray and ghd Maximise Mousse before blowdrying, with root lift. Curl with the ghd Styler, curling inwards and away from the parting, trying to start the curl as close to the root as possible. Clip the curls in place.
  3. Divide the middle section down the centre in the back. Smooth the surface of each side back towards the centre parting with a cocktail of ghd Texture Lotion and a touch of ghd Polishing Serum. Tuck and pin the ends into two tight French rolls on either side that meet in the centre parting. Seal off any flyaway with ghd Ultimate Hairspray for that seamless polished finish.
  4. For the last section, create a loose wave in the hair using the ghd Styler, brushing out each section immediately and finishing off with ghd Shining Serum creating separation and wet sheen.
  5. Using the cocktail of ghd Texture Lotion and a touch of ghd Polishing Serum, brush out the curls in the top section. Tease so this section stands up, brush out the tease then style into a loose Cyber Billy quiff, pinning it into place.
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