How to: Nookie’s flowing hippie hair

At last week’s RAFW (Australian fashion week) Nookie hit the runway with sweet florals and long-line cardigans – matched by flowing 70’s waves that were part hippie, part rock-chic.

The ghd hair team shared their steps on how they created this look – details after the jump.

Tallulah Morton backstage at Nookie, Spring 2010

Above image courtesy ghd.

How to create the look

  1. Firstly mist the hair with ghd Thermal Protector before spraying with ghd Sea Spray and blowdrying into the hair using your fingers, encouraging any natural movement.
  2. Then section off the hair at the nape and run the ghd Styler through at a vertical section of about an inch thick. Try not to bevel the ends of the hair as you reach them, keep them straighter, this gives a more ‘natural’ look.
  3. Continue over the head, dragging the roots a bit when you reach the top sections.
  4. On completion pop head upside down and shake hair out with fingers, then throw the head back, popping hair into place where needed. We dressed some girls to one side using ghd Ultimate Hairspray to give an asymmetric look, and we added ties to some to create a slightly modern ‘hippie’ feeling, also introducing materials used in the collection.
  5. Lightly mist with ghd Sea Spray to finish with a more ‘lived in’ look.

Voila! You can also view pictures from the Nookie runway show by clicking on the gallery below.