It’s no secret the fringe made a big return this year. But just when we thought it was going to fade away Kate Moss stepped out with one, pretty ensuring its continuation and making it thehottest hair trend of 2008. We spoke to our good friend, the ever-amazing Mark at Masci Hair, for some tips, tricks and advice on getting the Kate Moss fringe.

Kate Moss fringe trend

Who will it work for?

The first major question we have to ask with any new hair trend is, will it work for everyone? Who should try it, and who should steer clear? When it comes to the Kate Moss style fringe, it’s particularly great for:

  • Oval faces. If you have one, rejoice: you can rock pretty much any hairstyle, including the fringe.
  • Heart-shaped faces. A heart-shaped face is wider at the top and comes to a point at the chin ‚Äì all of you heart-faced people, you‚Äôll also be able to pull off “the Kate”.
  • Large foreheads. If cut correctly, a fringe can close the gap and make the face appear more balanced.
  • Any hair colour. You don‚Äôt have to be blonde to look great in a Kate Moss style fringe.

Fringes are not so great for:

  • Round faces. A fringe will explode out the jawline and make the face look wider. Avoid!
  • Curly hair. Do it only if you‚Äôre prepared to put in the effort to blow-dry and straighten.
  • Cowlicks. Fringe + cowlick = disaster. A very heavy and deep fringe might do it, but do be careful.

How to cut and style it

If you do decide to take the plunge into fringe territory, here are some styling tips to get you up to date.

  • Long fringes are in ‚Äì so start just below the eyebrows and get regular trims.
  • Blunt lines are more dramatic and look fantastic if worn as a statement. To really make the perfectly blunt look work, team it with edgy outfits and a lot of confidence.
  • For a more day-to-day option, go a softer slightly jagged-cut fringe.
  • Ditch the round brush! Kate‚Äôs fringe looks great with natural body and shape. Stick to letting your fringe fall naturally so it doesn‚Äôt look over-worked.

Remember, a fringe can be styled in many different ways – from sleek and straight to the more tousled look we’ve seen on Kate. As long as you don’t attempt to reinvent the permed fringes of the 1980s it should look great!

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