While it’s true that the rockabilly hairstyle has been on and off trend since its very creation, it’s equally true that this mid-20th Century rock hairstyle was packed with enough attitude as to assure its lingering existence for decades to come. Bond to experience a slow evolution, the men’s hairstyle trends are often built upon those few styles that managed to gain most prominence, on and off the runway.

It’s the case of the men’s modern greaser as well, as this particular hairstyle is currently being perceived as a stylish, slightly more tousled interpretation of a rockabilly slick back quiff. Worn with the right attitude and infused with an up-to-date quality, this style can appear both dashing and modern. Take Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner as an example on how to rock this bold and dapper hairstyle during the last months of 2013.

For the modern guy in search of differentiation, Annika Bowen helped us in putting together the steps that assure an undeniably cool men’s 2013 hairstyle as a final result. Find them after the break.

Alex Turner inspired men's greaser hairstyle

How to: men’s modern greaser hairstyle

Seeing how the men’s modern greaser is built upon a fresh interpretation of the classic rockabilly hairstyle, make sure your hair is cut long on top and very short on the sides and back, before proceeding in styling it.

Start by applying a thickening spray onto your hair and then dry it off. To create more texture, Annika suggests Tigi Bed Head Superstar Thickening Spray.

Section the frontal hair area and by using a a small curling iron, proceed in curling those same sections of hair in order to create a bend (note that if you don’t have a curling iron, you can follow the second set of steps below).

Tip: At front, the curls can be curled either way based on the length of your hair.

For shorter lengths, the hair can be worn more up and backed off the face.
If the hair is long enough, curl inwards toward the centre of the head.

Men's modern greaser hairstyle

Spray the curls with a workable hairspray, something that is neither too sticky, nor too shiny. Annika uses Tigi Catwalk Work-It Unisex Hair Spray.

Using a gel, slick the hair into place with the help of a comb.

Tip: Use the hairdryer with the comb to achieve a more firm feeling that will last all day.

Push the sides back and continue with sculpting the hair at the back of the head towards the center.

Men's modern greaser hairstyle

Right at the point where you created the bend using the curling iron, proceed in carefully applying the gel product and pushing the hair from recession side into center. Follow the same technique on the other side as well.

Tip: You can scrunch or twist the curls at front for them to fall naturally. On the same principle, push and scrunch the front section to carefully sculpt the hair back off the face.

The final shape of the hair is largely up to you, but it should be aimed towards the center of the forehead for a 1950s Greaser feel. To keep it modern, leave it a little tousled and imperfect – imagine a mussed up version of Elvis.

Creating the greaser men’s style with hairdryer only.

If you are styling your hair using a hair dryer instead of a curling iron, these extra steps are for you.

Men's modern greaser hairstyle

While prepping your hair for styling, apply a thickening spray and comb the hair into the desired shape.

To create a bend using the hairdryer, start by holding the hair at the recession line, right at the side of head; pull the hair straight up and across the head and place it flat onto the scalp.

Men's modern greaser hairstyle

Using one hand, push it back towards the side of the head where you want to create the bend and hold. Take the hairdryer in the other hand and dry the hair by holding it in the bend shape you ultimately want to create.

Spray the bend with a workable hairspray and work through it using gel until reaching the style that works for you. Remember though, the shape bend created using the hairdryer won’t be as strong as the one made using a curling iron. By using a curling iron you will get more hold and bend in the hair, which makes the hair easier to style.

For more photos of this hairstyle as it was seen on the 3.1 Phillip Lim fall / winter 2013 runway, follow that link; you can also check out Alex Turner wearing the hairstyle in the film clip above.

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