Who said the punk rock era was over? Like all trends, it’s modernised and evolved, and it’s a look you can revisit this season thanks to Edun’s fall 2012 hairstyle. A mix of classic and modern textures was shown to fit with the androgynous mood of the whole fall collection. The asymmetrical 80s-era punk rock hair can easily give your modern look an edgy twist because the mix of old and new is one of fashion’s key rules (one you surely know off by heart by now).

Bumble and Bumble’s hairstylist, James Pecis, styled Edun’s asymmetrical punk rock hair that was “an evolution of an Edun girl from previous seasons”. This hair is all about texture and volume so you better stock up on a lot of texturizing products!

It is quite easy to achieve this hairstyle and the steps are right after the jump.

How to: asymmetrical punk rock hair

This is an asymmetrical hairstyle so first part your hair to one side and then spritz it with a styling spray to give your hair the texture it needs.
On the opposite side, section off a part of the hair between the face and the back of the ear. Plait or braid this section of hair back fairly so that it pulls that side of the hair close to your head. Pin the plait underneath the rest of the hair so it’s hidden from view.

The hidden braid is used to create one slicked-back, asymmetrical side.

In small sections in the front and crown area of your head, twist your hair and pin it in randomly away from your face to give the look a subtle lift. Leave the pins up until after you blow dry your hair and after spritzing a texturizing spray.
Remember that the hair does not need to look thoroughly finished so you wont really need brushes for this one and just use your fingers. Push the hair around the crimps left behind by the pinned hair to make it look a little bit undone and messy.

80s punk rock hairstyle

Lastly, to fully achieve that 80s asymmetrical punk rock hair, brush the hair slightly forward to cover part of your forehead or your eye.

Backstage with Bumble & Bumble

As well as following the steps above, you can also check out the backstage video from Bumble & Bumble.

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