Sexy, sensual, and most of all suggestive. Bed hair is one type of hairstyle that not only looks good but implies whatever you want it to imply, be it lazy sunday morning carelessness or pure, unadulterated sex appeal.

But while looking like you just rolled out of bed can sometimes be achieved by doing just that, it’s not always so forthcoming. You want to look like Brigitte Bardot, not like you simply belong in your pyjamas.

After the break we round up some tutorials and how-to guides for creating bed hair hairstyles in their various forms: the simple and free-flowing, the teased and tousled, the post-party, the rock-star, the vintage babe. It all comes down to the right products, and the right attitude, when it comes to adding bed hair to your repertoire of hairstyles for 2015.

bed hair hairstyles

How to get bed hair

side part bed hair

Side bed hair

For a variation on the center part, this tutorial is aimed at achieving tousled bed hair with a sexy, deep, side part. Let your hair play peek-a-boo over one eye, or roughly tuck it behind your ear, as long as you keep it free-flowing and messy. Follow our side part bed hair tutorial to get the look.

textured side part

Textured side part

Offering texture from the roots, this variation as seen on the runway at Calvin Klein makes for a bed hair-ish look that’s strong and side parted. More straight and textured than the loosely waved side part bed hair above, read up on the textured side part to learn how to get this look.

twist hair

Tousled flowing hair

It’s simple enough that you can wear it all year round, but this tousled flowing hairstyle as seen at Burberry Prorsum is perfect for winter when tucked into a cosy high collar. All about having a bit careless wave, follow the link for the how-to guide.

grunge hair

Post-party grunge hair

You might call this bed-head hair or you might call it post-party grunge hair. Either way, it has the potential to look like you’ve just had a rollicking good time – without losing your polish. Inject a little grunginess into any look with this grunge girl party hair.

textured rock hair

Textured rockstar hair

There’s a fine line between rockstar hair and bed hair, as this hairstyle proves. It doesn’t matter what you label it though: textured, rock ‘n’ roll hair is downright sexy if done right. Find out how to create your textured rock chic hair at that link.

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