Braids can be girlish, they can be classical, they can be traditional or elegant or punkish. It all comes down to the particular style you’re wearing, and indeed the way in which you carry it. Braids are a staple part of any girl’s hair reportoir, a constant rather than so much a trend; and yet, as far as fall 2013’s hairstyles go, the question is of which braided hairstyles to try.

There are by no mean set rules, but instead it’s worth taking inspiration from the runways in order to find out which braided hairstyles best work for the season’s fashions. Find out after the break.

Braided hair braid hairstyles

The braid.

The best way to describe a braid is that it’s a pattern made from intertwining three or more strands of hair together. This pattern has adorned the hair of women for centuries and was said to have originated from the tribes of East Africa. Braids are a part of the traditions of different tribes from Africa to South America and young girls learn how to do them as the grow up – a rite of passage and inherited skill. In the West they’re an ingrained part of fashion, ever being experimented with to create different styles and looks.

Braids in 2013

Since braids are such a constant in the world of beauty, the question isn’t so much whether they’re in but in which ways to wear them now. The runways for fall 2013 provided plenty of inspiration on styling your hair in ways that use plaits and braids.

Here are some of the key braided styles spotted on the runways, that can easily make the transition to your own beauty routines.

Side braid.

The side braid is basically what it says: a braid that falls to one side of the hair. The brilliant thing about the side braid is that it takes only minutes to create, but has plenty of impact. In recent years it became associated with tomboyish, sporty cool; but for fall 2013 it was reignited in a smooth, elegant light.

Spotted at Valentino, this look was reminiscent of a dutch good girl who’s born into a rich family. What makes this side braid standout is the glossy finish that it was given to get that modern look. To add a seasonally on-trend touch to your side braid, make it slick and add a ribbon around the head for a fresh burst of femininity.

elegant side braid

Side braid tutorials.

how to: valentino's easy chic side braid

How to: Valentino's easy chic side braid

The side braid gets a chic and elegant makeover for fall 2013, with Valentino's smooth, ribbon-headbanded take. Styled on the runway with modest floor length dresses and florals, it'll also serve you with any number of feminine outfits. Create your own side plait with headband by following our tutorial at that link.

Crown braid.

The crown braid, just as it’s name suggests is a type of braid that goes around the head (like a crown). It’s a hairstyle that you would like see while watching “Game of Thrones”. When done cleanly or in a sleek way, it exudes an almost royal vibe but do it a little messy and you get this vintage and playful look like this one from Viktor and Rolf 2013.

This type of braid might require more work but as you can see, it’s very much worth all the trouble.

Viktor & Rolf crown braids

Crown braid tutorials.

how to: alice + olivia's messy crown braids

How to: Alice + Olivia's messy crown braids

For another fall 2013 take on the crown braid, try this version from Alice + Olivia. Crossing all the way over the top of the head for a Heidi-esque look, this style was messy and effortless and yet charming. Find out how to create the messy Heidi braid at that link.

Fishtail braids.

Modern and with a bohemian edge, this version of the braid has been gaining a lot of popularity these past seasons. The main difference with this braid is that it uses four strands instead of just three, giving it that fishtail look. Here are two fishtail variations we spotted on the runway:

Tory Burch’s spring collection was a perfect example of the fishtail braid in all it’s boho glory. To really get long braids, extensions were added to the models’ hair. The result is a chic yet youthful hairstyle that’s note-worthy.

Tory Burch fishtail

Very intricate yet still very clean, Christian Siriano incorporated the fishtail braid with a chignon. Who would’ve thought that fishtails will look just as good when worn up?

Christian Siriano braids

Braided buns.

Buns are always a go-to for women who want to keep their hair in place. Sad to say, buns can be a bit boring but not when they’re fused with braids.

Rodarte created a half up hairstyle featuring a bun and two braids; a romantic and simply stunning look for their fall 2013 show. This very feminine look is great to wear day or night.

braided half up hair with bun

If you’re on the punk rock side of the spectrum, you should try wearing this look from Badgely Mischka. The upside down braid that goes all the way from the nape to the crown of the head is like a surprise from behind. You can follow a similar braided topknot tutorial at that link.

badgley mischka braid

For a whisical take, Miu Miu’s double braided buns are one to try. Who would have thought such a girlish style could look so chic?

double braided buns

Braided bun tutorials.

how to: miu miu's double braided buns

How to: Miu Miu's double braided buns

High shine and not a hair out of place, Miu Miu's double braided buns were both pristine and yet ultimately girlish. Try them for yourself by following the double braided buns tutorial at that link.

Possibilities for braids are near endless, but the key thing is to find a way to incorporate one that fits with the style of what you’re wearing: for that, the choice is yours.

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