Remember when damp and messy hair was socially unacceptable? Well, it seems like the messy wet-look hairstyle is an ongoing trend and is here to stay with us amoung the list of hairstyles for spring 2013. Louise Goldin debuted her spring 2013 collection in New York in September and she made a good decision in getting Redken Creative Consultant, Guido to create the hairstyle for her show. The creation is described as a dark, wispy and mask-like hairstyle which went perfectly well with Goldin’s design aesthetic.

The fantasy hair at Goldin’s show is quite dramatic and Guido described the models as “certainly not sweet little girls”.

“I think of emerging branches, or like a mask of hair over the face that has a very haunted, ‘spinderly’, maybe even Tim Burton-esque feeling,” said Palau.

It looks a little bit haunted and – while it might be hard to pull this off on the streets unless you are daring – there are ways to edit this hairstyle according to how you want it, so keep on reading to learn how you can do this grungy fantasy hairstyle on your own.

How to: Louise Goldin’s haunting, fantasy hair

After a shower, apply damp hair from roots to ends with Redken’s full frame 07. This is a volumising mousse that creates body in your hair.
Using just your fingers, create a messy centre part and let it air dry. The goal is to achieve a wispy, crispy texture so if needed, apply more mousse to your hair.
Pull your hair into a low pony tail (do not use a brush or use a comb!) and secure it right at your nape.
Pull our the hair on the front left section and arrange it across your forehead and eyes and pin the ends on the right side. This is where you can choose how dramatic you want the hairstyle to be.
To put the hair in place, spray it with a super strength finishing spray like Redken’s forceful 23.

louise goldin spring 2013 hair

Remember, the messier the hair, the better. Only use your hands when doing this hairstyle, and have fun with it.

See the full Louis Goldin spring 2013 collection at that link, or visit our spring 2013 hairstyles page for more

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