It has been well over a decade since David Beckham first began influencing his contemporaries with a string of bold, adventurous, but undeniably brilliant hairstyles. And while his football career may as well be a thing of the past, David Beckham continues to live under a bright spotlight courtesy of his H&M bodywear campaigns, amoung others. The British style and sporting icon is also set to star in Belstaff’s 2014 global advertising campaign, as well as to design a capsule collection for the British brand, the latter promising to “revive luxury moto classics, as redefined by Beckham’s iconic personal style”.

With many fashion projects outspread into the future we can only assume that Beckham’s highly influential style is far from reaching its final days. Currently sporting one of the most prominent hairstyles for men, David Beckham’s slicked back hair signals the evolution of the undercut into a tougher style, where the short sides and smoother longer top are slightly roughed up.

Learn how to recreate David Beckham’s hairstyle after the break, following Annika Bowen‘s easy steps on how to get the same cut, and how to style it accordingly.

How to get David Beckham's hairstyle

How to get David Beckham’s hairstyle

The haircut

Take a horse shoe section from recession to recession, keeping it curved around the back at crown; clip it out of the way.

Either using clippers, or the scissor over comb technique, proceed in cutting the sides and the back shorter.

Note: To get a nice blend when using clippers, start off by using the larger size clipper (normally at number 2), and cut the whole side and back section. After that, change the clipper guard to number 1, starting again around the hair line and blending up and out. Use the scissor over comb at the end, to cross check the sides and back sections of hair cut.

Take down the top section and considering the desired finish and length you want to achieve, work out just how short you’re going to cut it.

Note: In order to recreate David Beckham’s look you will be needing some length at the top.

Take horizontal sections, elevate the hair up at 90 degrees and cut square and straight.

How to get David Beckham's hairstyle

The styling

Apply a styling mousse onto damp hair to provide it with hold and root lift. Annika recommends using Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray.

Blow dry your hair back and away from the face, working especially on the front part.

Once your hair is dried properly, proceed in applying the desired styling product. Choose between a workable wax or creamy paste for the best results.

Note: For medium hold and medium shine, Annika recommends using Bedhead B For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax. Rub the product on your hands first and then apply it onto hair, running the hands from front to back and moulding the hair into shape as you go. Be careful not to flatten the style. Use your finger-tips to comb through and create texture – remembering that this style is not meant to be completely neat and slicked but a little separated and rough.

End off by spraying the hair with a lasting finishing hairspray; this will assure the style is being kept in place all day.

How to get David Beckham's hairstyle

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