The importance of having a hairstyle that goes with a collection when it’s presented can’t be stressed enough. Hairstyles can be considered as the crowning glory of the overall styling both literally and figuratively. For the Miu Miu autumn / winter 2013 show, it was double the braids, double the glam with the hairstyle created by Redken’s Guido Palau.

With a collection that had a lot of heavy coats in different textures and colors, it was only fitting that the models were given a “small head” to balance everything out. The result is this very modern take on braids with a very sleek look that can be easily incorporated into many an outfit. Check out the complete how to for this 2013 hairstyle right after the break.

Double braided buns
Image via @Redken5thAve on Instagram.

How to: double braided buns

Start by prepping damp hair with some heat protecting spray to keep your hair healthy.
Next, blow dry your hair straight for that sleek and clean look. Doing this with a paddle brush will yield good results. You can also use a straightening hair iron for a sleeker look.

double braided buns hairstyle

Take some hair gel, like Redken Hardwear 16 Super Strong Gel, and apply it all over your hair. This will give your hair the sheen needed to pull this look off and it will also keep all the strands in place.
Section your hair into two, much like how you would when doing pigtails. Create a center part and make it go all the way through to the back of your head. Then on the front section, create a deep side part (the Miu Miu part is on the left side of the head). Make the side part end on the crown of your head, leaving the center part on the back of your head untouched.
Take one section and start braiding from behind your ears. Make sure the braid is very tight and sleek. You can add an extra amount of gel to the section you will be braiding to keep everything clean. Once you’ve done the braid, roll in into a bun right above the nape and neatly secure the end of the braid under the bun with a bobby pin. Do this again to the other section.
Once the buns are done (make sure they are even), secure your hairstyle by spraying on some hairspray. A light coat will do because you’ve already applied gel into you hair.

While it may require an extra amount of hair product, this hairstyle is still very easy to do. You truly get the best of both worlds with this look because it’s a mix of classic and modern. It’s fun yet still grown up enough that you can even wear it to more formal occasions.

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