Young, wild and free are feelings that wavy hair invokes. While the latest Felder and Felder collection had a very grown up feel to it, a textured wavy hairstyle was worn by the models to even the seriousness out. The person responsible for this was Johnny Engstrom of L’oreal Prefessionnel.

Many women love the look of wavy hair but find it to be too much work. The look we saw from Felder Felder is one 2013 hairstyle we can easily do at home. Simple yet still gorgeous, it’s a look that any woman can incorporate in her daily life no matter what her outfit and the occasion. Check out the simple steps right after the break.

How to: Felder Felder’s easy textured waves

Before anything else, make sure your hair is completely dried and oil free.

If you think your hair still has oil, apply L’Oreal Professionnel’s tecni art Fresh Dust to get rid of the excess oil. This will ensure that you get the texture and volume needed to pull off this hairstyle.
Now it’s time working on your waves. Take a small section of your hair and spray it with techni art Volume Architect. Then twist the section on your finger and clip it up (the section will look like a tiny bun). Do this over and over again until you’ve twisted all your hair.

Tip: if you want more prominent waves, you can blow dry each twisted section before you pinning them.

To add more texture spray on more Volume Architect all over your hair and then use the blow dry to set the twists.
Take the clips out and once all the sections are down, brush them with your fingers. This will loosen the waves and give them a more natural look.

Styling your hair doesn’t have to be a tedious task and this hairstyle shows us that a little goes a long way. Whether your going to work or going out for a night out, this hairstyle is perfect especially if you want to add some fun into your ensemble.

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