Crisp mornings and crunching leaves, delicious warm beverages and oversized knits, anything and everything pumpkin spiced, landscapes that look like paintings plus an overall sense of contentment and comfort: few things beat autumn’s call for coziness, and in all truth nothing’s quite like it.

Clothes to decor to beauty, fall is when all things snug and pretty come together to complement what is perhaps the most delightful time of the year. And in that spirit, hair must also be kept super-lovely and super-easy, textured but uncomplicated, polished but slightly undone.

Below, 9 effortlessly beautiful fall hairstyles to inspire your looks for the season.

Wavy half-up, half-down.

Hair that falls in loose waves over a chunky sweater, pinned in a half-up, half-down do, with just a few loose strands to set up a cozy mood:

fall hairstyles long hair

Textured braided pony.

Unfussy and effortlessly cool, matching the feel of your favorite sweater, a textured braided pony is the hair equivalent of the softest, fluffiest jumper:

fall hairstyles long hair

Double braided halo crown.

In a season that builds upon easy layers and texture, a double braided halo crown conjures just the right amounts of autumnal romance and enduring femininity:

fall hairstyles long hair

Unfussy top knot.

In being laid-back and totally unfussy, a messy top knot still manages to look super-pretty when juxtaposed to soft knits in warm, neutral tones:

fall hairstyles long hair

Tucked-in hair.

Straight, curly, polished, messy, pinned up or let down, it doesn’t really matter how your hair looks like for it to strike as effortlessly beautiful when tucked-in the collar of a coat or jacket. Throw on a hat for double the impact:

fall hairstyles long hair

Undone chignon with loose tendrils.

Loose tendrils to gently frame your face while the rest of your hair is pinned up in super-low, undone chignon; this hairstyle begs for off-shoulder knits and doll-like lashes:

fall hairstyles long hair

Low ponytail with a bow.

A velvety bow, in a rich, oxblood hue can turn even the simplest of hair do’s into a winning style during the fall season. Case and point, your regular low ponytail:

fall hairstyles long hair

Bedhead hair.

And since we’re talking of all things cozy and nice, nothing like a sexy bedhead to complement the indoorsy feel of your comfiest autumn looks:

fall hairstyles long hair

Voluminous up-do.

A voluminous up-do, a la Brigitte Bardot, is bound to look good be it wind or rain, whether you’re at home, or strutting down the streets:

fall hairstyles long hair

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