If you’re a young, English actress with delicate features and a desire to define your personal style as being different from that of your American counterparts it seems that there’s only one 2010 hairstyle for you: the pixie crop.

At least that’s the case if actresses Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson are anything to go by. The latter has joined the former as a proponent of the cropped hairstyle, and debuted the look today.

emma watson hair

Naturally, each to their own, and Emma Watson‘s new hairstyle differs from what we expected of the pixie crop in 2010: there’s far less volume to it, and the fringe is shorter than most interpretations. Which makes Watson’s take on the look on the look more classicist than on trend: as fashion and hair trends slowly move towards 1970s inspired hairstyles, Emma’s is decidedly more 1960s, decidedly more Mia Farrow (pictured below).

mia farrow hairstyle

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