The metallic gowns, overly teased hair and sparkly tiaras brought Rafael Cennamo’s prom queen to real life in his fall 2012 collection. This not-so-obedient queen set foot in a snow-stormed city and let her structured silhouette lead the mythical and fairytale fantasy.

To complete the look and support the floor-grazing gowns, Tresemme’s hair stylist, Matthew Curtis, created an aesthetically pleasing hairstyle.

In the beauty industry, autumn / winter sends an evident reference to shambolic hair, pale skin and glassy make-up. Curtis abided by the norms of the season and created a textured, messy updo for the runway show.

To create an overwhelming effect, the final product, as seen in the images below, is likely too over-the-top for daily replication. However, you always have the option to tone the look down and alter the look according to your liking. In the how-to steps below, we’ll suggest ways to do that, just so you can adapt this good-Queen-gone-bad look into your next party outing.

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The how-to:

We’ll enunciate the look in two parts – one being with the textured hair down and another being the chignon accessorised with a headpiece.

What you’ll need:

  • Hair mousse
  • Curling tong (2-inch wide)
  • Hair dryer
  • Dry shampoo
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair clips
  • Hair accessories (any kind, but more options below)

Rafael Cennamo presentation fw12
The look at Rafael Cennamo’s F/W ’12 presentation

Look 1: Textured hair worn down

Apply an adequate amount of hair mousse to wet hair, massaging it into the roots and all the way to the ends of the strands. Curtis used TRESemme 24 Hour Body Mousse for the show.
Flip your hair upside down and blow-dry the hair on high heat. This will give the wavy texture the hair needs.
Create a centre-part and section the hair as a prep-up for curling.

textured hair step 1

Use a curling tong to curl the mid section of each hair strand, leaving the ends straight.

textured hair curling

Take each curled section and use a bobby pin to secure it to your head. The trick here is to wrap the hair into a roller-ball shape and pin it instantly to the scalp. Do this straight after you curl the hair while it’s still warm, otherwise you’ll risk losing the shape of the curl.

textured hair wrap

Repeat step 5 for the entire head. By the end of it, you should have a full set of curls.

textured hair curls

Open each rolled ball and brush out the curls with your fingers. Don’t use any brushes at this stage.

textured hair brush out

You can either leave it at this voluminously curled stage or continue to create a more textured and gritty look.
Once you’ve opened all the curls, use a paddle brush to backcomb individual strands. This will give it the airy and messy consistency.

textured hair paddle brush

To surface your roots and create more roughness, spray some dry shampoo in the roots (even if you have freshly cleaned hair) and massage the product into the scalp. This will create an imperfectly perfect texture, also giving a long lasting look. If needed, you can even get rid of the centre part by pulling all the hair back. (Note: The hair team used TRESemme Dry shampoo for the show.)

textured hair

textured hair dry shampoo

Look 2: Accessorised textured up-do

This is an advanced version of the previous look; or it can also be classified as a party version of the textured hair-down. Take the texture created in the steps above from day to night by swirling it into a messy chignon – and, if you so desire, adding a little extra embellishment by way of a headband or hairpiece.

If you are into updos, then this variation of a chignon is one to bookmark for this season.

Complete the above steps 1-9, then follow the steps below to achieve this textured updo.

Lose the centre part and pull all the hair back into a ponytail. Secure with a transparent hair tie.

textured up do 1

Twist the ponytail till halfway down and pin it to the base of the ponytail.

textured up do 2

Don’t pin the straightened ends from step 4. Remember, the look is a messy one, so you don’t have to be precise and neat when styling. You might even want to literally mess up the chignon; pull a few strands of hair out of bun.

textured hair 3

Pull the straightened ends onto one side of the chignon, so the twisted bun remains the highlight of the look.
For the runway, the hair team sprayed dry shampoo on the front strands of the hair to give an ice queen look that corresponded with the collection. This isn’t a sustainable step for an everyday look, but if have a ‘Snow White’ themed party to attend you now know the drill.

textured hair snow white

A silver metal tiara was used to accessorise Rafael Cennamo’s Ice Maiden look. If this textured chignon rekindles your teen-love for a dressy hair accessory, then we’ve even got that covered for you. Here are some of our adult picks:

dressy hair accessories

1. Lanvin’s Satin Swarovski Crystal headband – Nothing is more indulgent and fairytale-kind than a Swaroskvi studded headband. Invest this for an ultimate prom queen look. For real. 2. Roberto Cavalli’s cutout headband – As girly as a headband can get, this Cavalli headgear will flawlessly contrast the untidy hair. 3. Maison Michel’s Carmen multi-chain headband – Bohemian in its entirety, this chained headband is a soulmate of tousled hair.

Thanks to Matthew Curtis and his Tresemme hair team for sharing the tips with

If you’re after more hair how-to guides and tutorials head to our 2012 hairstyles guide at that link.

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