Grace Kelly met ‘Geisha’ on the runway at the Maticevski spring / summer 2013 show at Australian fashion week. With a collection inspired by a refreshed view of a 1950’s Grace Kelly, as seen through the eyes of an Aristocratic European Geisha, Toni Maticevski created beautiful, desirable garments for women to adore and be adored in.

Jayne Wild from ghd took inspiration for this elegant hairstyle in the idea of “Grace Kelly goes to Japan”. Just like Grace Kelly’s style, the top and sides of the hair are pulled back tightly but with a little bit of softness and texture. The rest is pulled back into a square shaped chignon inspired by the obi belt fold of a Japanese kimono. This really reflects the Geisha essence of the collection with a little hint of luxury and elegance that is Grace Kelly.

After the break, learn how you can recreate this “Grace Kelly goes to Japan” inspired hairstyle.

Geisha square chignon

How to: Geisha inspired square chignon

Spritz your hair with ghd heat protect spray and ghd total volume foam to prep it. Pay more attention on spritzing it to the front sections of the hair. After this, dry your hair using ghd air while lifting the front sections up from the root for volume.

prep hair

Section off the hair and use ghd eclipse to smooth it out. At the back of the head and through top sections, lift the styler upwards to create a slight bevel from the roots to the end.

square chignon

Using thhe ghd tail comb, take a section from their side of your head just above the temple and tease the root area.
Using the ghd oval dressing brush, take a section from the back of the head and bring the hair together into a ponytail. This will make the ponytail tight and smooth. The ponytail must sit at the base of your crown, on the flatter part of the head.
Smooth out the teasing on the top section and taking sections from the sides, gather hair back into a tight ponytail. Remember that the central top section should remain looser and softer. Secure the ponytail (fondly called the “Toni Tail”) around the existing one.

square chignon

Gather the “Toni Tail” together and twist it very tightly. Now let it fold back on itself to create a tight, square-shaped ballerina bun. Secure this in place with pins.

Note that if you want the perfect square-shape seen on the runway there’s a little more involved: rather than just folding the hair into a square shape, you’ll need an actual square mould to sit underneath the chignon. At the Maticevski show, individual hair pieces made from chicken wire were created, which were moulded into a square shape. Hair extensions matched to the colour of each models hair were then wrapped around the piece. The models hair was then wrapped around this piece starting from the bottom of the ponytail and securing at the top.

square chignon

For extra hold, spray the style with ghd final fix hairspray.

This hairstyle would go perfectly well with the Oriental fashion trend for 2013. The obi belt inspired style at the back is a very elegant and luxurious surprise, and while using a square hairpiece may be a little difficult at home, you can still achieve a softer take on the overall look quite easily.

You can also watch a video from behind the scenes at MATICEVSKI above, or check out the full Maticevski spring 2013 runway photos at that link.

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