When asked about her inspiration for her fall 2012 collection, Jill Stuart explained that it came from women who have a very nonchalant attitude when it comes to fashion. The result was a collection that was feminine, modern and sexy. While we gawked at the beautiful clothes, we still couldn’t help but noticed the grungy out-of-bed hair that the models were wearing as they walked down the runway. Who would’ve thought nonchalant could look so grungy-glamorous?

A party, a bed and probably some alcohol: these are the ingredients of a great grungy post-party hairstyle. But fear not dear readers! You don’t have to go through a bad hangover to get this look. Thanks to the Kerastase team backstage at the Jill Stuart’s New York fashion week show, knowing how to recreate this hairstyle is easy. If you have straight hair and want something different but don’t really have a lot of time to work on your hair, this is perfect for you.

How to: grungy post-party hair

Start by prepping your hair and for this particular hairstyle, prepping up means applying hair mousse and some heat protectant spray on your hair. The mousse will give your hair some volume and the heat protectant spray protects your hair from blow drying.

mousse grunge hair

The next step is blow drying your hair. The best way to do this is with a diffuser: most blow dryers come with one but if you canít find yours, simply use the lowest heat possible for a more natural look. For that out of bed look, skip using the brush and just use your fingers to scrunch up sections of your hair to create waves.

If you find that your hair is stubborn, you can take a 2-inch curling iron and loosely curl sections of your hair. Stick to the middle part and don’t curl the ends to keep that grungy, undone look.

curling wand grunge hair

Once you’re happy with your waves and you look like you’ve had too much fun last night, add some styling serum to add shine and avoid excess frizz.

Finish this hairstyle by finger combing your hair and sealing the waves it with some hairspray. Don’t put too much though, you still want it to be bouncy and natural looking.

grungey post party hair

There you have it! Grungy post party hair before you’ve even gotten to the party.

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