While it can look extremely good on guys, the curly hair on men comes with its own set of issues that can turn even the easiest styling process into a real nightmare. That’s why fewer men choose to embrace their natural wavy hair opting instead for short haircuts, or choosing to use an endless list of styling products in an attempt to tame the curls and straighten them out as much as possible.

Having the spring 2014 men’s hairstyles encourage you to actually have fun in styling your curly hair is what might eventually convince you to give your natural texture another chance this season.

The following 5 videos contain all the information you will need, from tips for maintaining curly hair, to the easiest ways to style it. Find it all, after the break.

Tips for Maintaining Curly Hair for Men

Before getting to the styling part, you should first start acknowledging the best ways to maintain your curly hair. Learn how to reduce frizz and keep your curly hair looking healthy below:

Aveda How To: Style Men’s Long Curly Hair

Recommending the right techniques to prep and style the curly hair, along with a few suggested products, Kurt Keuffner gives you the classic how-to styling tips and tricks below:

Wavy Hair Tips for Men

Hair expert Danielle Valiente shares with you some of her useful tips for working with wavy hair on men, find them all in the next video:

How to Style Curly Hair

Elongating the wash and wear hair by stretching out the curls into a long and wavier style is what the next video will teach you how to do:

How to Get Heath Ledger’s curly look

A classic amongst men’s curly hairstyles, Heath Ledger’s effortless wavy hair is recreated in the following video that includes the how to on both the haircut and the styling process:

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