As the warmer nights fade and the days shorten our sense of style will change, it’ll adapt. We’ll don new clothes and accessories for autumn / fall 2012 and some will be for fashion’s sake while others will be for practicality as we seek to keep warm and dry. And whenever we adapt our style or fashion to a new season, there often comes the need to adapt our hairstyles. Not all hair cuts and colours and suited to all seasons.

More often than not, however, we simply feel like a refresh. We’re bored with the old, desire the new and a new season is the perfect excuse to change a hairstyle.

After the break we’ll take you through all the fashionable hairstyles of autumn / fall 2012, from the standout styles to the head turning cuts. If you’d like to get up to speed with all of of the hairstyles for 2012, you can do so at that link.

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Men’s fall 2012 hairstyles & haircuts

mens fall 2012 hair

2012 men’s hairstyles

If you’re after men’s hairstyles for the season, then follow the link – we’ve given gents their own hair trend section for autumn / winter.

Women’s fall 2012 hair trends

tomboy hair trend

Hair trend: tomboy hair

From messy ponytails to slick parted ‘dos, retro quiffs to pompadours; boyish hairstyles have become a trend for girls. Marry these tomboy styles with androgynous fashion, or contrast them with something utterly girly. It all comes down to your mood. Here’s a round-up of tomboy hairstyles to try this fall.

half tuck hair trend

Hair trend: the half tuck

It’s so simple you might be tempted to dismiss it. But we saw this little move so much around the runways for both fall and spring that it’s become impossible to ignore. Styles that half-tuck the hair behind the ear, leaving an elfin-like effect, have a certain romance. Visit the half tuck hairstyle link for more about the trend and variations on the style.

Women’s fall 2012 hairstyles

60s ponytail

1960s ponytail

For many a season 1960s inspired fashion was revival trend. For fall / winter 2012 it’s becoming an evergreen, however, as we pick the best of it and make it a part of our day-to-day style. And with the clothing comes the hairstyles, and with the hairstyles comes the 1960s hairstyle. Sitting low and with an effortless air, you can read more about it and be taken step-by-step through the how-to guide by following that previous link.

textured side braid

Textured sidebraid

Keeping your hairstyle sleek and smooth through winter 2012 will be no easy task. No matter what the product, fall / winter are seasons in which textured hairstyles are natural (though not desired) for most people. For fall 2012 you can play to it, however, with the texture sidebraid which updates the braid hairstyle with a winter infusion. Follow the link full tutorial with photos.

folk plait hair

’70s folk plait hairstyle

From music festival to every day, the addition of a simple plait can do wonders. It’s a little bit ’70s, a little bit folk-rock, and very youthful. Pair it with smokey rock ‘n’ roll makeup for a look that screams bohemian babe. Find out how to create the ’70s folk rock plaited hairstyle at that link.

twist hair

Twist hairstyle

Do you like the textured side braid but don’t necessarily have thick enough hair to make it work? Then take a look at this twisted hairstyle. Inspired by Gucci’s autumn / winter 2012 collection, the how to guide steps you through making this softly waved haistyle with long hair, but it’s just as adaptable to shorter hairstyles.

modern side waves

Modern soft side waves

The side wave that sweeps across and covers one eye. It has a mystery, a mood that can only be described as femme fatale or silver screen siren. But in this modern interpretation the waves are soft and flowing, keeping the glamour factor but in a way that translates to the contemporary girl’s wardrobe. Learn more about the modern glamour side wave hairstyle at that link.

twist hair

Tousled flowing hair

It’s simple enough that you can wear it all year round, but this tousled flowing hairstyle as seen at Burberry Prorsum is particularly perfect for winter. Never mind the wind and rain – it’s all about having a bit of texture and careless wave. Follow the link for the how-to.

wavy bob

Vintage wavy bob

If you’d like to sport a short bob without the haircut, then look to this vintage wavy bob. Like so many of autumn / fall 2012’s trends, this hairstyle is inspired by the 1920s fashion revival, but like so many of the season’s other short hairstyles is actually a faux bob. Suitable for accessories, follow the link for a full how to on this wavy, evening look.

bouffant headband hair

Bouffant headband hair

Elegant, classic, feminine… The fall 2012 hairstyle at Carolina Herrera reflected the attributes of the clothing. A little bit retro, flirty and fun, this bouffant hairstyle is as big as you want to make it. Leave the ends loose or tie them back; just be sure to add a ribbon or headband for full effect. Find out how to create the bouffant headband hairstyle for yourself at that link.

undone waves

Undone waves

Effortless waves are the failsafe of the modern girl. You can rarely go wrong with waves like these, once you’ve mastered them – and it’s all about keeping them a little bit ‘undone’. Avoid anything too over-glam for every day and opt instead for this voluminous yet understated take. Follow the steps: voluminous undone waves.

tomboy ponytail

Tomboy ponytail

Yes, there are a lot of vintage hairstyles in fall / winter 2012 but there are other dominant fashion trends that come into play as well. Key amongst them is androgynous fashion, which translates into this tomboy ponytail. Follow the link to learn how to create the hairstyle for yourself.

asymmetrical punk hair

Asymmetric punk rock hair

The androgynous appeal of modern rock meets the glamour of ’80s punk. As shown on the runway at Edun’s fall 2012 show, this asymmetrical textured hairstyle has toughness and spunk. Add high shine eye makeup and plenty of attitude, and away you go. Read more about the asymmetrical punk hairdo by following the link.

grunge hair

Post-party grunge hair

You don’t need to survive a hangover to end up with this grungy post-party hair. As seen on Jill Stuart’s fall runway, it’s a style that makes you look like you know how to have a good time – and yet is still polished and sexy. Inject a little grunginess into any look with this grunge girl party hair. Find out how by following the link.

textured rock hair

Textured rockstar hair

The rock ‘n’ roll spirit is very much alive and well… if this hairstyle is anything to go by. Rock up a sophisticated outfit with this ultra-textured, messy rock chic hairstyle, as seen on the runway at Rag & Bone. Find out how to create your textured rock chic hair at that link.

knotted fauxhawk

Knotted fauxhawk

It’s got a punk edge but also an endearing softness. In this unique style, hair is knotted across the centre of the head in a mohawk shape – but without requiring you to get out the clippers. Contrast it with something completely feminine, or tough it right up, the choice is yours. Find out how to create the knotted fauxhawk hairstyle for yourself.

messy modern pompadour

Messy half-up pompadour

Effortlessly cool, this half-up, half-down style is like a classic pompadour gone modern. The key is in making it a little messy and rocked up, a little bit tomboy. Find out how to create the modern messy pompadour – as seen on the runway at Karen Walker – at that link.

equestrian hair

Equestrian ponytail

It’s not all strict and smooth: this time around the equestrian ponytail gets a softer reworking. Textured on top and finished with a leather tie, it’s a fresh take on the classic pony. Follow the link to learn how to create the hairstyle for yourself.

knotted chignon

Knotted chignon

Alberta Ferretti toughened up a bit for the fall / winter season, bringing a hairstyle with a clean center part and low chignon to the runway. Perfect for longer hair, you can make it more unique with the addition of a little knotted effect. Read more about the low knotted chignon.

wind blown wet hair

Wind blown up-do

2012’s wet look hairstyle translates perfectly into winter, which is why Vera Wang’s fall 2012 collection was complimented by a windblown up-do. Perfect for every hairlength and colour, though suited to some very distinct tastes, you can get the lowdown on this hairstyle by following the link.

sacai slick

Slick half tuck

It’s part elfin, part school girl with a dark edge. Sacai’s fall 2012 hairstyle took the half-tuck concept and gave it a slick take that offers up an ethereal, mysterious vibe. Find out how to create the slick tucked hairstyle for yourself at that link.

flapper faux bob

Flapper bob

There’s the faux bob and there’s the real haircut. Whichever it is that you like, this winter is all about styling it with a vintage air. In this tutorial we take you through the flapper bob, a winter hairstyle obviously inspired by the 1920s and that depends on waves and texture to finish the look.

wet look ponytail

Wet look ponytail

Sexy and sleek are words to describe the slick, wet-look ponytail on the runway at Anthony Vaccerello. Pull it tight and wear it with conviction; this look is all about a military strictness that means business. A fresh update on the usual ponytail style, it’s also easy to create. Find out how to style your slick wet look ponytail at that link.

plaited buns

Plaited buns

It counteracts the frizziness that normally comes with winter, and it has the perfect girly edge. It’s the plaited buns and it comes straight from Marc Jacobs’ fall / winter 2012 catwalk. You can pair it with dark, grungy makeup or a look that’s a little softer, but the key point is that it’s such a simple winter hairstyle to master that you’ll find it easy to personalise and make your own.

Women’s fall 2012 haircuts

mod bob

1960s bob

Bob. Vintage. Bob. Vintage. By now you’ll have read those words a few times and have no doubt got the picture: vintage hairstyles are in for winter, bobs haircuts are in for winter. With the 1960s bob it’s a case of leaving the 1920s behind, however, and giving the bob a lot of volume, a lot of texture and a lot of sex appeal. Follow the link for haircut and styling tips.

indie bangs

Indie fringe

Fringes / bangs are seldom out, but the way they’re cut and styled changes each season. For winter 2012, as it has been for the rest of the year, the fringe is / bangs are all about a thick, long cut with plenty of grunge appeal. Read up on indie bangs if you’re thinking of getting some cut for autumn / winter 2012.

As autumn (fall) / winter 2012 unfurls we’ll be updating this guide with more hairstyle tips and how tos. If you’d like to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the new looks, subscribe to’s newsletter or like us on Facebook.

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