How to: half up textured wet hair

Between a free-flowing look and a regular ponytail sits another great and easy option: the half-up hairstyle. The variation seen on the L’Oreal Paris Runway 03 for Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) was one that breathed new life into the style by way of one of this year’s continuing hair trends, namely wet look hair.

Responsible for the look were LMFF Hair Directors and L’Oreal Professionnel Ambassadors Caterina Di Biase and Brad Ngata. What they created was a half-up, textured wet hairstyle that had a raw street look to it. You could wear this look pretty much anywhere in summer, especially with vibrant prints, edgy denim and an attitude of effortless cool. If you like this 2013 hairstyle, we’ve got the how-to guide for you after the break.

Half-up wet look hair

How to: half-up textured wet hair

This hairstyle is best done once you’ve dried your hair. So, starting with hair dry, drown it with Tecni.Art Full Volume Lift mousse to get that wet look.
Next, mix Tecni.Art Fix Max gel and Tecni.Art Liss Control smoothing serum. Apply the mixture of products across the front, back and sides of the head with a tint brush. This helps you style your hair and makes it look wet.
Take a wide tooth comb and comb all of the hair back off the face. Push the top section of your hair (above the crown) forward to make it rise and pucker. Use pin curl clips to keep everything in place while your hair dries.

pin clips wet hair

Next, pull the side sections of your hair back (creating the half up look) and secure it just below the crown area. Pin this section under the loose hair from the top of your head to keep the pins hidden.

Tip: To get a ‘not too styled’ look, make sure you don’t pull the sides back too tightly.

wet look hair half up

Now it’s time to dry your hair, take a blow dryer and set it on low speed. Rub you hair on the back of your head between your fingers to break it up so that it does not look completely wet.
Then using a diffuser and still set on low, blast the top of the head and the sides to lock in the texture.

set wet hair

Finish your hairstyle by applying Tecni.Art Fix Design to get that wet look.

half up wet look hair

This hairstyle is perfect if you want an overall edgier look. It’s a very flexible and you can wear it for day or night, plus it works on both shorter and longer hair. It’s also very easy to do: all you need are the right products and the confidence to boldly create lots of texture.

Photos courtesy L’Oreal

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