Gucci knows how to sell luxury. They either do it evidently with shimmering fabrics or cleverly by collaborating gemstone colours with velvet, fur and silk.

When models disclosed Gucci’s fall 2012 collection on the plum-hued carpet, they had a fierce story to narrate. The mulberry lips spoke the loudest, the eyebrow-less, pale skin murmured in the background and the ethereal hair played the part of the storyteller.

Complementing the flow of fabrics on the runway, the vibrantly wavy hair introduced an element of imaginary romance into the show. It made women want to live the Gucci life, as directed by Frida Giannini.

This half-up and half-down hairstyle is dreamy enough to be tagged as one for all-year round. It can be worn with a floral feminine ensemble in summer or contrasted against an androgynous silhouette during the chillier season.

If you want to give this naturally coiled wavy hair look a test, continue reading the how-to steps below. Keep in mind that the steps cater to medium to long length of hair, so feel free to add your own extensions to the mix.

Gucci’s half-up hair: how to

While your hair is damp, massage a good amount of volumising mousse into the scalp. Scrunch up the hair while doing so, as this will give you the natural wavy look.

gucci half-up hairstyle 1

Make a centre-part and let the hair dry naturally.
One way to go about styling this look at home is to section damp hair and roughly create rope-like twisted braids before going to bed. The more braids you make, the smaller the waves will be. Your hair would dry naturally overnight, while creating luscious spiral waves in the A.M. Jump to step 5, if you do this.
However, if you’re short on time, take sections of hair and curl the strands using a curling wand. Don’t worry too much about curling away or towards the face as you’re not curling from the roots.

gucci curls half up

If you have fine hair, take a small section from the crown and tease the area to create volume at the top.

gucci half up hair tease

Now take two small sections of hair that frame your face, from either side of the part, and pull them backwards towards the crown of the head.

gucci half-up twist hair

Individually, twist the two sections, and pin them against the back of the head. Giannini custom-made a sparkly hairclip for each model at the Gucci show, however you can pick a hairclip or pin of your choice.
Don’t freak out if your curls drop after a while; this look is all about natural beach waves and not strict finger curls.

gucci half up hair

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