At times simple, clean and modern, this coming season many a designer has blurred the lines between femininity and masculinity bringing a very strong look to life in one of fall 2012’s most challenging of fashion trends: androgynous fashion. While some designers infused androgynous with mid-20th century appeal, others have stuck to a gender-neutral, tomboy interpretation. Naturally, such an interpretation is one realised upon the catwalk of Alexander Wang’s winter 2012 showing.

Complimenting Wang’s presentation was a fall 2012 hairstyle that we’ve dubbed “effortless tomboy hair”. Chic, elegant and striking, it is a look that blurs the lines between effortless and effortful, between day and night. And you can wear it yourself; all you have to do is follow a few easy steps.

alexander wang effortless tomboy hair

Prepare your hair by applying blow-dry, heat protection lotion. This will both create a foundation for styling and protect your hair from the friction that can be caused blow drying. The top of this hairstyle is very flat, so this will help prevent friction and volume.
Using a comb or brush tip, create a very straight center-part.

backstage alexander wang hair

Blow-dry the front sections of your hair to about 80% dry. Leave the back part of your hair to air dry. By doing this, you’ll be able to get that effortless and natural look that is important to this hairstyle.
Apply an anti frizz cream starting on the mid-section of the hair to the tips to make sure you prevent excess frizz while your hair dries.
The most important part; finish off the tomboy hairstyle by tucking your hair behind each ear.

Now you’re ready to make heads turn with your effortless tomboy hair.

easy tomboy hair

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