There are a lot of types of braids out there, though the most popular tend to be are the classic braid and the fishtail braid. This year, it is time to change it up a bit and try something different by rocking this spring 2013 hairstyle seen at the Manning Cartell show. The style uses a flat Dutch braid for an edgier look.

A flat Dutch braid is different from the other braids because the 3 sections of your hair are crossed under each other instead of crossed over. It looks like an inverted braid, and stands up from the head instead of becoming part of the hair.

This hairstyle for the Manning Cartell show was created by ghd hair director, Alan White. The look is inspired by the futuristic, tribal and romantic inspirations of the whole collection. The flat Dutch braid hair looks very sleek and sculptured but is soft and groomed at the same time. It features a Dutch braid on top and slick wet hair on the sides.

Follow the instructions on how you can recreate this unique take on the Dutch braid hairstyle after the break.

center dutch braid

How to: the centre Dutch braid

Prep towel dried hair with ghd total volume foam. Blow dry your hair off the face using ghd air and the ghd natural bristle radial brush.

center dutch braid

On the nape of your neck, take a very small section of hair (a couple of centimetres thick only) and tie it into a mini ponytail. This mini ponytail should be hidden under the hair – you’ll use it later to connect the braid up to.
Using the ghd tail comb, section the hair into a horseshoe shape from the recession to the crown. Using that section of the hair, divide it again into 3 sections to prepare for the flat Dutch braid.
Cross the right section of the hair under the centre section and then cross the left section under the centre section. Hold all three sections of hair in the left hand. Use your right hand pointer finger to section of a 2-2.5cm section from the side of your head. Add this hair to the right section.
Cross the right section under the centre section again and while crossing under, grab the centre section with your right hand and pull it over to tighten the braid. Do the same with the left section.
Repeat steps 4 and 5 until braid is finished. Finish it at the end of the nape and merge it with the mini ponytail you have created in step 2.

dutch braid

Use a fringe pin to connect the elastics from the braid and from the mini ponytail. This is to hide the end of the ponytail under the rest of the hair, so the whole braid stays flat to the head.

dutch braid

Run fingers through the sides of the head using a combination of ghd smooth and finish serum and ghd straight and tame cream for a finger raked look.
Finish off the look by applying ghd final shine spray.

The flat Dutch braid can be a little tricky to recreate but once it is done, it looks phenomenal. This hairstyle would look great on girls with a shoulder length bob because it just pops out more.

center dutch braid

If you want to see more of the flat Dutch braid hair on the runway, check out Manning Cartell’s spring 2013 collection at that link.

For more instructions on the flat Dutch braid hairstyle, you can watch the video below to see how it was done backstage.

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