double knot hair

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double knot hair

Of all the hairstyles we’ve featured to date none has struck a chord quite as much as the double knot hairstyle – its effortless look impressing many a fashioniser.

When I first penned our guide to the trend we included a brief summary detailing how the style had been created on the catwalk, but asked our readers to let us know if they wanted something more detailed. Well, you asked and we have again put pen to paper.

What follows is a guide to achieve the hair style with hair that is shoulder length or longer. Comparing the photo to the left you can see that the longer your hair the greater the affect, but this certainly isn’t a hair trend that is only for those with quite long hair.

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the knot: how to

As we did for a how to guide to another 2011 hair trend, braided top knot, we enlisted the help of an expert on all things hair, Melbourne stylist Annika, and paired her with Scene Models’ Taylah Verney for the following how to guide.

annika bowen

double hair knot dryer

Ensure that your hair has enough texture for the hairstyle to hold.

You’re not looking for so much texture that this becomes a messy hairstyle, but just enough that it adds volume.

With Taylah’s hair a spray-in mousse was applied to her hair’s roots. It was then worked through with a hair dryer.

If you have flat or fine hair simply apply more mousse. This is a hairstyle that will benefit from liberal lashings of mousse, so be worried more about underusing it as opposed to overusing it.

double hair knot dryer

If the mixture of hair dryer and mousse results in too much of a messy effect (perhaps natural waves dominate the hair, as pictured) brush out the excessive texture.

The end result should be as such.

double hair knot split

Using a comb divide the hair at the back down the centre hair line, beginning at the crown of the head and finishing at the nape of the neck.

double hair knot holding split

Hold both sections of the hair part separately ensuring that you’re holding all strands of hair in your hands.

double hair knot first knot

Tie a single knot in much the same way you’d tie any knot.

To do this place one section of your parted hair over the other, loop that section though the created hole and pull the two parts tights.

double hair knot second knot

Step four has given you a single hair knot, but this how to is for a double hair knot. So, to achieve that style simply repeat step 4 by again tying another knot.

To achieve this use the two ends of your hair part created in step four and tie another knot layered on top of the previous one.

double top knot bobby pin right

Slightly twist for affect. Then put a bobby pin through the right hair part and the hair knot.

double top knot bobby pin left

Secure the knot by placing a bobby pin through the left hair part and the hair knot.

double hair knot booby pin middle

You may also opt to use a third bobby pin that goes through the second knot created.

double hair knot spray

Finish with hair spray to hold any short hairs in place.

double hair knot complete

And that’s it: you now have a double hair knot.

Should you have any further questions on how to or would like to comment on the hair style feel free to leave us a comment below.

beyond the knot: other trends

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