There was a mystery underneath the bevy of soaring mink chapeaus in Marc Jacobs’ fall 2012 show at New York fashion week. The hair seemed somewhat grungy, magical and haunted; this runway secret was revealed backstage.

With a hair accessory so extravagant, you would expect the hair inside to be an updo, an average updo, nothing spectacular or show-worthy.

But Jacobs defied all logic. This hairstyle seemed like his back-up plan, for in case the hats tipped off on the runway, the locks beneath would sing out in symphony with the clothes.

The knotted pigtail braids, created for the show, stayed mostly hidden on the runway, however they still sustain potential to be translated into everyday style for you.

Ironically though, Jacobs instructed Redken’s creative consultant, Guido Palau, to “get rid of [the hair]”, as quoted. So the look that came out of that order was a fairytale-esque show from the back and tattered, fearless strands from front-on.

The bonus being, this look isn’t restricted to a season or one given aesthetic. All readers from Southern Hemisphere can practice this look to wear below a wide-brimmed hat for the ongoing chilly season. And everyone in the warmer regions of the world, use the braids as accessories for your 60s-inspired summer outfits.

You can either sprint to the extreme end and mimic the exact runway look or turn the notch down to a subtle and feminine level.

Follow the how-to steps below to re-create the knotted braided buns hairstyle at home.

Create a strict centre parting, starting from the middle of the forehead till the nape of your neck.
Pull a few strands of hair out from either side of the centre part, especially the ones that frame your face. Don’t include these in the styling steps below.
Now pull the two sections back into a ponytail on each side, keeping it close to the neck. Secure with an elastic band. With this step, you should have two pigtails on either side of the prominent parting.

marc jacobs plaited bun how to

Start braiding the ponytail with a regular three-strand plait. Once you reach the end, secure with an elastic band. Ensure you keep braiding till the very end; don’t leave too much hair out.

marc jacobs plaited buns

Wrap the plait in a circle around the origin of the ponytail and, literally, tie it in a knot. Secure with U-shape bobby pins. Repeat on the other side.

princess leia buns

Once you have the braids in an O-shape bun on either side of the part, spray a generous amount of finishing spray to keep flyaways at bay. Palau used Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray at the show.
For the runway look, Palau used a razor blade to trim the loose strands of hair around the face. If you’re daring enough, do the same for a sharp and undone look.

plaited buns hair

If not, then run a hair serum on the loose strands and mess it up with your fingers. It’s not a polished look so don’t consider perfection here.

plaited twin buns hairstyle

It must be noted that if the length of your hair is short or if you have fine hair, feel free to add clip-on extensions to the full head. Also, if your confidence allows you, then try this season’s bolder option of adding candy-coloured extensions to your hair.

You’ll make heads turn, we promise.

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