How to: modern, knotted chignon

A modern recreation of a classic hairstyle is always something worth a try like this modern, knotted chignon by Tigi. Chignons are always a good choice for more formal events but this modern take on it can be worn even on a casual occasion. Perfect for those who want a more laid back yet interesting hairstyle, this look incorporates the trend towards low ponytails and a refreshing knotted effect.

The modern knotted chignon is definitely a 2013 hairstyle that will look good with almost anything. Melbourne hairstylist Annika Bowen happily shared with us how simple it is to recreate this look for yourself. Check out the steps after the break.

modern knotted chignon

How to: modern, knotted chignon

Start off by prepping your hair. For this look Root Boost by Tigi was used to create dry texture, volume and hold throughout the hair.
Create a center part and brush your hair down with a cushion brush into a low ponytail. For that modern, laid back look, don’t tuck your hair behind your ears and don’t worry if it’s a bit messy.
Tease or back comb your ponytail to create texture. Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the hair elastic to hide it, then fasten with a bobby pin. Spray on some hair spray to keep the texture.
Now it’s time to work on the chignon. Grab the end of the ponytail and fold it back on itself so the ends are at base of hair elastic. Pull out a small section of hair (about an inch) and then wrap it around the folded ponytail. Pin it with a fringe pin or bobby pin.
Slowly pull out another small section and do the same thing, a bit further down the folded ponytail. This will create another wrap around the hair giving it the modern knotted chignon look.

modern knotted chignon

Using your fingers, soften and create more fluff with the 3 knotted sections you have just created.
Finish and secure your hairstyle with Tigi session series hairspray.

low knotted chignon

While some may think that chignons are boring, this modern knotted version is far from that. New and hip, this hairstyle will make heads turn no matter where you wear it and what you wear with it.

If you want to see more of the style at the Haus Alkire fall 2013 presentation, follow that link.

knotted chignon at Haus Alkire

Hair photos courtesy of Tigi.

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