Sometimes clean and simple goes a long way, this holds true for the hairstyle seen on the models of the Valentino fall / winter 2013 show at Paris fashion week. Inspired by portraits of Dutch masters, the Valentino collection had a very intimate and personal feel to it. It is was a collection that women can easily relate to and Redken Creative Consultant Guido Palau created a hairstyle with the same feel: a simple yet elegant side braid.

Side braids have been on-trend for quite some time now. What truly separates this braid from the previous incarnations is that its smooth as opposed to the chunky or messy ones we’ve commonly seen in recent seasons. As a fall 2013 hairstyle, this side braid uses innocence as a source of seduction and simplicity as a statement. Taking cues from what Valentino as a brand stands for, this side braid was made to be a hairstyle that women all over the world can relate to and, lucky for us, this look is very easy to recreate. Read on after the break for the complete how-to for the Valentino simple & chic side braid.

Valentino side braid

How to: Valentino simple side braid

Start prepping you hair by applying Redken satinwear 02 prepping blow dry lotion to damp hair from roots to tips. This protects your hair from damage and helps you in styling.
Blow-dry your hair straight with a boar bristle brush.

valentino side braid how to

Before you start working on your side braid, create a clean center part and then brush your hair to the side where you want the braid to be. Make sure you brush your hair from the back so the center part stays intact.
On the side where your braid will be, tuck your hair behind the ear. Then rub a small amount of Redken satinwear 02 into your hands to help you as you start to braid. Begin a few inches down from the neck, keeping your wrists and elbows low as you go on with the braid. Remember to create a braid that’s smooth but not too tight. Once you’re done with the braid secure it with an elastic at the tip, leaving only an inch or two unbraided at the end.

valentino side braid

For the clean and smooth look, put a few drops of Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine on your hands, emulsify the product by rubbing your hands together and then lightly run your hands over the hair on either side.
To complete the Valentino look, slide a leather band over the head (you could also use a black ribbon). It should be about 2-3 inches back from the forehead and make sure it covers the front of the ears.

valentino side braid

Finish your hairstyle by misting on Redken fashion work 12 versatile working spray just to keep everything in place.

valentino side plait

While this hairstyle may be simple, clean and easy to do, it doesn’t mean that it makes less of an impact. This is a hairstyle that can be worn day or night and with almost anything. It’s perfect for the woman of today, on the go yet still beautifully polished.

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