The boy band craze of the nineties not only brought so much joy to a lot of female fans but it also brought about amazing talent. One of these talented artists is Justin Timberlake. The transition between a boy band member to a solo artist is not an easy one but he has done it seamlessly.

Over the years, as he gave us hit after hit, started his own record label, his own clothing line and ventured into acting, Mr. Timberlake has constantly updated his look. Though his presence never waned, it’s been a while since got a new song from him. With his comeback with the single “Suit and Tie” and his new album “The 20/20 Experience, he debuts a new hairstyle, one that’s more mature than the curly hair he had during his N’Sync days. You can have JT’s charm and appeal too – or at the very least his charming men’s hairstyle – in a few easy steps. Check out the how to for his “Suit and Tie” hairstyle right after the break.

Justin Timberlake 2013 hairstyle

How to: Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” hairstyle

The most important thing you have to do to get this look is to cut your hair like of very similar to JT’s. His haircut is buzzed or really short on the sides (about 1-2 inches above the ears) and is 2-3 inches long on top or the crown area. The top part should be layered to give the look of texture. Your stylist can easily do this cut for you.
Next, start styling your hair. On damp or towel dried hair, apply on some mousse or liquid-to-foam volumizer (for example, Aveda Phomollient styling foam or Redken guts 10). Put the product on your palms, rub your hands together and work it all over your hair from roots to tip. Pay attention to the top part where the hair is long. This helps you style your hair and get the right amount of volume.
Take your blow drier and dry your hair using a comb. Alternately dry the top your hair going to the center and then backwards. The sides should be combed downwards as you go through it with the blow dryer.

justin timberlake hair

Make your JT hairstyle hold by taking a pea sized amount of styling clay or wax. The exact product will depend on your hair and it may take some experimenting, but we would suggest a product like Layrite Pomade (which holds like a wax – note that if you have naturally curly hair you should opt for the ‘Super Hold’ version for extra strength), Tigi Bedhead for Men Matte Separation Wax, or Aveda Grooming Clay.

Rub it into your hands and run it over the front part of your hair going backwards. Do this gently, keeping in mind that it shouldn’t be flattened.

Lastly, take your comb and clean up the side parts (this hairstyle should have two, one on the left and one of the right). Comb the side of your hair down then the center section upward.

Next time you wear a suit and tie, you might want to use this hairstyle with it. It’s fun yet still sophisticated, a good mix of mature and playful: much like Justin Timberlake himself. This hairstyle is perfect for a man on the go and ready to conquer the world.

For a similar yet more vintage inspired hairstyle that works on this length, also check out the tutorial for Ryan Gosling’s Gangster Squad hairstyle. For more about the best hairstyles for men follow that link.

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