How to: matte textured hairstyle

Texture is a word that is now very commonly heard in fashion. When it comes to 2013’s hairstyles, textured looks are making heads turn whether it’s a wet look hairstyle or a dry, matte one. As much a we all love the sleek and simple look, textured hairstyles give out a more relaxed and bohemian vibe that encourages us to just be a little more carefree than usual.

For the Costello Tagliapietra spring / summer 2013 show, a matte textured hairstyle was created by celebrity stylist Nelson Vercher. This hairstyle paid homage to the 18th century hairstyles found in paintings and other art works of the time. The key to this look: using different ways to give texture to the hair. Check out the steps on how you can get this look for yourself right after the break.

textured matte hairstyle

How to: matte textured hairstyle

The first thing you have to do is to prep your hair by protecting it. To do this you can use heat protecting or thermal spring water spray just like what is used to create this look for the Costello Tagliapietra show. On damp hair, apply the product starting on the crown and then the rest of your hair layer by layer.
To start creating volume, put on a good amount of styling mousse all over damp hair. Use your fingers to spread the mousse evenly from root to tip. Aside from creating volume, this also makes the hairstyle hold.
To prevent your hair from being too stiff with volume, spray on some volumizing conditioner one section at a time for even distribution. No need to rinse your hair.
With a blow dryer, use your hands to rough dry your hair. Make sure you lifts the roots to create volume. You also have to completely dry your hair to get that matte finish.
Once your hair is completely dry, enhance volume some more by spraying on dry shampoo on the roots of your hair. The best way to do this is to start from the back and then work your way to the crown of your hair.

dry shampoo

Fix the front part of your hair by blow drying it using a round brush.
To create another type of texture, take a large-barrel curling iron and loosely curl random sections of your hair. This look is more wavy rather than curly so focus on creating random waves.
Spray on some more dry shampoo, this time, there is no need to do it section by section. This will add a more matte effect to your hairstyle and keeps the texture.
The next step is to create a bun with your hair by simply twisting it and securing it with pins. You can opt to have two or even three buns in different sections depending on the thickness of your hair and the amount of texture you want. Let the buns stay for some time (ideally while you put on your make up).
Once you’re ready to step out, release your hair out of the bun and use your fingers to comb through it to loosen it up.

matte textured hair

Finish the this hairstyle up by spraying on some more dry shampoo to keep the texture and then securing everything with some hairspray.

It really doesn’t matter what event or where you’re going, this hairstyle is perfect for almost anything. This is a good hairstyle to try especially if you’re finding sleek and straight too common and want something a little more daring.

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