It was old and then it became new again, quickly evolving into one of the most popular men’s haircuts of last year. We are of course talking about the undercut haircut, the same one that signaled the unexpected revival of the 1920s, particularly in the men’s fashion scene. But as we grew to learn by now, it usually takes a very short amount of time before a hugely popular hairstyle turns mainstream.

If you still haven’t got a chance to try it out on your own, or if you plan on experimenting with the undercut this very summer, the good news is that an even edgier approach to the undercut is currently catching our attention. The asymmetrical undercut offers you the chance to go utterly fresh in your rebellion, that is if you do want to stand out more while making the most out of the 2013 men’s hairstyles and haircuts. This variation of an undercut implies asymmetry through the top area and scissor over comb underneath it.

Before asking your hair dresser or stylist to start cutting your hair, make sure the asymmetrical cut is going to actually work with your hair type and/or with your features. Despite it being amazingly versatile and slick, this cut is not going to chime in with just every guy. On the other hand, if you’re completely sure that this is what you need, get ready for a significant transformation. Read on after the break for the complete how to including step by step directions for cut and style.

mens asymmetrical undercut

How to: men’s asymmetrical undercut

If you’re knowledgable about hair cutting and want to try this cut on yourself or someone else (or if you need instructions to pass onto someone else doing your cutting) check out the video from Toni+Guy as well as the instructions below.

Before proceeding with the actual cut, make sure you wear your hair the right way. In case you’re not certain, you can always ask your stylist to take a look at the hair line in order to point it in the right direction.

First thing you should do is section out a slight asymmetric horse shoe. This should start on the shorter side and dip down on the other side a little bit lower.

After that proceed the block graduation underneath, a process that fast eliminates the length and weight. It is best done at one finger’s depth.

Once you’re done with the block graduation, follow onto the same path and spend a little extra time doing the scissor over comb. This will assure the hair to grow out a lot nicer.

Now is when you can drop the top and by starting at the higher side of the horse shoe, proceed to point cut a square line overdirecting straight to the front area. Work to each previous section, layering a bit more and avoiding the top area to become too asymmetrical.

By separating the hair section in the front, go through it and clean up the fringe. After blowing dry the hair, decide on whether the fringe is too severe, too asymmetrical, or just right.

At this stage, you should deep parallel point cut small sections of hair starting at the back area, in order to dilute weight and add some movement to your cut.

Use parallel channel cutting to also give the cut a little bit of separation.

As a final step, go through your hair and style it out with a little bit of product. If the original undercut haircut required gel for proper styling, get the best results by applying a touch of wax when treating the asymmetrical variation.

How to style the asymmetrical undercut

As we previously established, you will be needing one product only in order to properly style the asymmetrical undercut and that product is the hair wax. Undercuts look particularly attractive when the top hair has a lot of volume and shine. By applying a little bit of wax onto your hands, rub it through the top section of hair moving it around until finding the style that suits you best. This process will assure plenty of versatility, allowing you to play upon the contrast between the short and the longer hair.

Slicking back the hair would be the easiest way to accent the undercut’s rebellious essence and also to stylishly carry the cut all throughout the day. You can also style the fringe into a sleek side part, or go all out by turning your longer section of hair into a modern quiff. For a very casual approach use volumising mousse to naturally tousle your hair.

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