Vintage inspirations have been particularly strong for men’s hairstyles, a fact which has carried through to 2014’s hair trends. The pompadour of the ’50s and ’60s – the hairstyle made famous by the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley – is one of those that’s cropped up again, giving men a tough yet slick vintage vibe that’s relatively easy to create.

In this modern version the hair has a slight side part rather than being slicked entirely back. Keeping it a bit shorter and a little bit more effortless creates a pompadour that’s cool without being too time-warped.

Below, steps on how to create the modern men’s pompadour for yourself.

men's modern pompadour hairstyle

How to: tousled modern men’s pompadour

At Roccobarocco’s spring 2014 men’s show, hairstylist Beppe d’Elia created a rockabilly-inspired pompadour that was “more messy, more fresh and modern.” The shape here is a little flatter and more haphazard while still retaining the pompadour shape. Note that you’ll need some length in both the top and sides (particularly the top) in order to carry this look off.

d’Elia stresses that dry texture is important to creating this look. Hair that’s too soft won’t stay in place, after all.

modern mens pompadour
The modern pompadour at Roccobarocco S/S ’14.

Wash the hair, then blow-dry it backwards away from the face until completely dry.
To get the dry texture required, spray the hair with a dry shampoo at the roots, then comb it through the hair with a wide-tooth comb.
Work a dry wax through the hair by first rubbing it into the hands then spreading it back through the hair with your fingers. Shape the hair as you apply the product: you’ll want to smooth the sides directly back, while styling the front upwards and to one side in a pompadour shape.

Tip: For a dry finish and plenty of hold, try Sebastian Matte Putty.

Keep shaping the hair with more dry wax until you’ve reached a shape you’re happy with. You can use a bristle brush to work the hair into shape, or simply use your fingers for a messier finish.
If you need extra hold, spray the finished look with hairspray.

modern men's pompadour
At Roccobarocco S/S ’14.

How to: slick modern men’s pompadour

American Crew hair stylist Dean Tsopanis explains another variation on how to get a modern pompadour, as styled for the men’s black and white shoot below.

modern mens pompadour hairstyle
Modern pompadour styled by American Crew.

Wash the hair with your favourite shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is fine, you may want to use a volumising shampoo (Dean Tsopanis recommends American Crew Thickening Shampoo).
Dry the hair and apply American Crew Boost Cream, running your fingers through the hair and working into the side part of your choice.
To add texture, movement and height, follow by applying a small amount of American Crew Forming Cream and work through areas where you want texture and volume.
Finish off with a light mist of American Crew Boost Powder.

Voilà – Elvis is back, only ready to face the modern day.

What’s great about this look is that despite the vintage or classic inspiration, it remains modern and not dated. This hairstyle is perfect to spice up any outfit casual or formal.

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