A number of the most popular hairstyles for men this year involve short sides and a longer top. Wearing this type of cut with a side part is just one option: be it textured and to the side or fully side slicked.

And then there’s another variation. Easy to create, easy to carry off, this style shown on the runway at Gucci takes the side part but also slicks the hair sideways and back away from the face.

If you want to have a go at creating this style, read on. Our resident hair guru Annika Bowen shares steps on how to style it, and how to get the exact cut (for those who are handy with scissors, or to take along to your salon visit).

Slicked back with side part mens hair


Prep the hair by spritzing it with either a salt spray or root lifting product (focusing on top section).
Create a deep part in the hair then dry it into the direction desired for the final result. Dry the sides back away from the face, the front dried up and across, and the back dried straight down flat.
Once dried, make sure the side parting is neat and clean. Use a comb to section and direct the hair into place.
Use either a wax or a styling cream that has strong hold and some shine. Alternatively, if you want a slicker look you can use a wet look gel. Run the product through the hair with your hands and then use your hands and a comb to slick hair back and shape it into place.

slicked back with side part mens hair

Spray with hairspray to set for an all day.


Section top from recession to recession to create a horseshoe section. Leave out of the way while cutting the sides and back.
Starting at the front side burn hairline area, use scissor over comb technique to create shortness blending up sides (about an inch up). Once you get to behind the ear still use same technique but follow the hairline down to nape area.

slicked back with side part mens hair

Once you have cut the perimeter short using scissor over comb, blend the next section up to recession (tailor to suit depending on bone structure). Start to blend shortness to a build up of weight (Annika suggests taking diagonal back partings cutting short to long – using perimeter length as a guide).
Take top section out and over direct top sections to weight line created on the sides.
Blend back crown area in the same way. It will be more like a V at back of head (you can cut the corner off the V at back centre if too thick).

If front is to heavy and long: take corner off front by combing straight out in front from the head, and cutting square vertically up.

slicked back with side part mens hair

For more men’s hair trends and tutorials, head to that link.

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