Whether you love your hair right now, or you’re looking for a subtle change, whether you want to welcome the new season with a fresh hairstyle, or you’re ready to commit to a drastic makeover, no time like the present to go for whatever look you’re after.

Summer calls for change and every once in a while change can be good, even when it’s as temporary as a new men’s haircut. We are about to help you make up your mind with a good dose of inspiration.

Read on below to discover the 11 looks to try this summer.

Buzz cut.

If the change you imagined for the season implies getting rid of all of your hair and starting fresh, try the mighty fine buzz cut for a laid-back look fit for a cool summer:

Mens summer haircuts hairstyles

Slick with a side part.

If you plan on going super short for summer but you still aim for that ultimate glossy effect, use your favorite hair styling products to achieve a slick look with a side part:

Mens summer haircuts hairstyles

Undercut with a detail.

The undercut is still going strong for summer, the look reimagined to carry even more greatness in its fine details, which makes it a cool option to consider:

Mens summer haircuts hairstyles

Asymmetrical undercut.

If you want your summer transformation to act as a statement, go for an asymmetrical undercut, and wear it proudly with or without the beard:

Mens summer haircuts hairstyles

Buzz side, long top, part left.

If you love the undercut but you’re considering the more subtle of its renditions, opt for buzz sides, a longer top to style as you please, and a left parting:

Mens summer haircuts hairstyles

Unfussy pompadour.

Shorter sides and back with long hair on top: if this is your ideal take on summer hair, know that you can always style the top into an unfussy pompadour:

Mens summer haircuts hairstyles

Long hair.

And of course, there’s always the option of growing your hair for a change, which topped off with a beard makes for one of the hottest looks your could try for summer:

Mens summer haircuts hairstyles

Man bun.

We could not have mentioned the long hair for men without hinting to the man bun as the awesome way to style your growing locks for summer:

Mens summer haircuts hairstyles

Tousled medium hair.

If you want long, but not that long, and if you love your hair unfussy, try growing it to a length you’re comfortable with and perfect the look with a tousled texture:

Mens summer haircuts hairstyles


Some men are naturally curly, others aim for barely there waves to enhance their handsome features, so perhaps you could drive test the look this very summer:

Mens summer haircuts hairstyles

Untamed afro.

If you’re blessed with the kind of hair that allows it, why not let your mane grow into an untamed, ultra-cool afro? It’s the perfect way to embrace your hair type, rather than think of it as being difficult to manage.

Mens summer haircuts hairstyles afro

All images via Pinterest.

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